Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Legal Practice

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Association of Corporate Counsel - Connecticut Chapter

Program Summary:

When we think of AI, the word “litigation” does not immediately spring to mind. The world of data science, machine learning, and algorithms exists far removed from the day-to-day labors of legal professionals. But AI doesn’t have to be the rarified preserve of data scientists or machine learning engineers alone. Indeed, a new class of early adopters has emerged within the legal firmament applying AI to modernize and scale a variety of burdensome tasks: from automating privilege review with precision to identifying sensitive information buried within vast pools of unstructured data at scale.

What we covered:

  • Discuss how AI is used in litigation
  • Examine the application of AI in three use cases:
    • Privilege review
    • Investigation
    • Personal information
  • Address common questions about AI and its use in litigation


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