2020: Another Year of Growth at Text IQ


2020 was an exciting and productive year for Text IQ. Despite the challenging global environment, we made major strides in the continued growth of the company. We more than doubled our recurring revenue and retained 100% of customers, in spite of a record-low number of in-person meetings. We made a number of key leadership hires and added exceptional team members in all departments. We successfully launched our Data Breach product and significantly enhanced products already in the market. We transformed our annual in-person conference, The Inevitable, into a virtual event series featuring Fortune 500 executives, industry thought leaders and top AI researchers. 

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Insights From The Inevitable: Using Technology to Respond to Government Investigations

On January 14, attorneys from three storied organizations, came together for the first of 2021’s The Inevitable Series to discuss Using Technology to Respond to Government Investigations.”

What is Cyber Insurance and Do I Really Need It?

Cyberattacks seem to be a part of our new normal with high-profile data breaches making headlines on a weekly basis. The average cost of a large-scale data breach in the US is $3.86 million, according to IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach Report. So it’s not surprising that Gartner is forecasting the information security market to reach over $170 billion in 2022. Should companies turn to cyber insurance for protection? 

Government Investigations are Predicted to Rise in 2021 - How Should You Prepare?

Companies, and individuals for that matter, go to great lengths to avoid any sort of government investigation. This avoidance is fueled by the fear of a drawn out, painful investigation in which an organization’s sensitive information is exposed for government investigators to review. To add insult to injury, the process also opens companies up to the additional risk of information being inadvertently leaked as it is passed back and forth in cyberspace. And, while SEC enforcement cases may have been down in 2020, all signs are pointing to that number bouncing back - and then some - in 2021. Even the most buttoned-up enterprise is not immune to an investigation by the SEC or FTC. So what can you do to ease the burden of this unsavory experience?

Join us on Thursday, January 14 at 2pm EST for a live discussion featuring panelists whose careers have made the leap from government to corporate as they share their tips on turning to technology to ease the pain of a government investigation. David Markowitz of Goldman Sachs, Barrett Atwood of Lyft, and Dmitry Lukovsky of Western Digital will discuss how to overcome investigative challenges and gain back control of unyielding timelines.

Take the first step to prepare for a government investigation now and register for the live discussion today.

Insights From The Inevitable: Predicting the Unpredictable: Innovative Approaches to Cost Management

“One of the things that we've seen over the past five to ten years, if you look across most Fortune 500 companies, is not only a desire to reduce certain cost centers, but also how to make sure that they're more predictable year over year. Legal, for a variety of reasons, has sometimes broken that model and been less predictable.”


Insights From The Inevitable: The Brain Behind IBM Watson on Machine Learning vs Machine Understanding

IBM Watson team founder, David Ferrucci, Ph. D., led his team to their landmark Jeopardy! success in 2011. An award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) researcher, Ferrucci’s more than 25 years of work and his passion to see computers fluently think, learn, and communicate inspired him to found Elemental Cognition in 2015.

Insights From The Inevitable: How Email Lets Us Understand Social Networks Within Organizations

On December third, as part of The Inevitable 2020 Series, Text IQ presented the webinar How Email Lets Us Understand Social Networks Within Organizations featuring guest speaker Owen Rambow.

Announcing our AI Impact Assessment

A 2 minute questionnaire to gauge the value AI can bring to your legal department

Why Metadata Enrichment is Vital to Enterprises

What if, instead of opening files to figure out if they contain privileged or sensitive information, you could simply look at your filesystem and tell at a glance what files include what kinds of information? Or, better yet, what if we could automate this system so that we can create a comprehensive information governance strategy that marks and categorizes data in real time as it’s created?

Stop the Panic: More clarity, less guesswork for data breach assessment

Most large enterprises have well-formulated data breach response plans that are the clear-headed output of cross-functional teams across, privacy, data security, compliance and IT. However, when teams look to put these plans into action, panic often ensues. Exacerbating the panic is that data breach assessment is typically slow and difficult to perform accurately - especially with high data volumes. But there is a better way. 

Insights from The Inevitable: Diffusing the Enterprise Data Explosion

On November 12th, as part of our The Inevitable 2020 series, Text IQ hosted the discussion Diffusing the Enterprise Data Explosion: From E-Discovery To E-verything.

Demystifying AI: Artificial Intelligence

Let’s pierce the darkness and cut to the chase. In this article, we’re taking a moonshot at demystifying AI by going to the heart of the issue: exploring artificial intelligence itself. Taking a note from Euclid’s Elements, we’ll start with a few definitions.

Prop 24: What California’s New Privacy Law Means To You & Your Data

On November 3rd, California voted to ratify Prop 24 ballot initiative that expands and extends the regulations originally set down in the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which has been in effect since the start of this year. The amended legislation now known as the California Privacy Rights Act further extends what was the first state data privacy law in the US. 

Insights From The Inevitable: Prove It! - What It Takes for a Successful AI POC

On October 30th Text IQ brought together a lawyer, a general counsel, and a legal service provider to discuss testing the value proposition of artificial intelligence (AI) through the use of a proof of concept as part of our The Inevitable 2020 Series.

The 7 Terrifying Items Lurking In Your Documents

Are you aware of the dangers lurking in your documents? A missed privileged document could spell the end of your chances at trial, and failing to redact all the necessary personal information in your files could lead to heavy fines or a lawsuit. Hidden deep in your documents could be evidence that your colleagues are committing fraud!

Never Say "Oh $h*t!" Again

Picture it: You’re 8 weeks deep into a document review, overseeing a team of 25 contract reviewers and you notice - it - during a routine spot-check. Your reviewers have been coding privileged documents inconsistently. Your heart sinks and your stomach drops. Your production deadline is around the corner and now you’re faced with re-reviewing thousands of documents. You kind of want to cry and the only thing that comes to mind is, “oh $h*t!”

Text IQ CEO Speaking Today at Exclusive Group of Top 100 CIO's in the World

Apoorv Agarwal, our co-founder and CEO, and leading expert on Artificial Intelligence will be speaking today to CIOSE, an exclusive membership-based organization of the world's top CIO's, primarily from Fortune 200 companies. Text IQ reached a tipping point last year when CIO's began utilizing our Unstructured Data Platform, and we're now seeing more and more subscriptions funded by the CIO. CIOSE's previous CEO speakers have included Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft), Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce), and Bill McDermott (CEO of ServiceNow) so Apoorv will be in good company!

Insights From The Inevitable: The Board’s Evolving View on Data Privacy

The Inevitable 2020 is a series of virtual discussions featuring Fortune 500 executives and thought leaders with a perspective on Artificial Intelligence's inevitable impact on the way we live and work. 

How To Measure AI: Recall vs. Precision

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming nearly every industry. As AI becomes more widespread, you may be wondering how to gauge its effectiveness. AI is often used for pattern recognition, information retrieval, and classification. There are two metrics that are key for evaluating the performance of AI in this context: precision and recall.

Text IQ Partners with ProSearch

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with ProSearch! Read the full press release here

Insights From the Inevitable: How AI Works and its New Role in Litigation

Privilege review - the process of identifying which documents should be considered covered by attorney-client privilege - is a key element of litigation matters. But the time and expense spent on poring through thousands of documents for privilege review has long been a pain point for counsel. In conjunction with the ACC Central Ohio Technology Committee and Litigation Network, Text IQ convened four industry leaders as part of our The Inevitable 2020 Series to discuss whether artificial intelligence (AI) can help play a broader role in litigation matters - beyond reducing the headache of manual privilege review.

Insights From The Inevitable: Pushing the Boundaries of Data Discovery

On October 1st, the Text IQ Inevitable 2020 Series brought together three senior legal professionals whose careers have placed them at the intersection of the law, information governance, data governance, and emerging technologies. The result is an insightful and engaging discussion that speaks to the heart of the challenge: how to manage massive amounts of data (read company assets...and liabilities) effectively.

Meet a Text IQer: DevSecOps Engineer Akshay Finney

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

This installment features Akshay Finney, DevSecOps Engineer. Akshay obtained his Masters in Cybersecurity from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to Text IQ, he was a Senior Security Risk & Compliance Associate at Collective Health in San Francisco. 

Are General Counsels Ready for AI Adoption?

Industries across the economy are adopting artificial intelligence, and for general counsel (GC) this means staying ahead of the curve or risk getting left behind. We’ve seen explosive growth in the AI market, both in investment and technological progress.  While this brings a host of challenges—from data privacy compliance to optimizing integration—AI systems pull their weight for organizations that are sitting on otherwise unmanageable volumes of data.

The Low Risk Option For Your High Stakes Matter

What if you, as the Chief Legal Counsel (CLC) of a multinational enterprise, inadvertently produced 420 privileged documents during a high-stakes litigation? 

Insights From The Inevitable: The Anatomy of a Data Breach

On September 10th, in this, our seventh of The Inevitable 2020 Series, Text IQ brought together three experts in data security and privacy with three distinct vantage points: Legal Counsel, Cyber Insurer, and large consumer-facing multinational organization.

How Big Pharma is Shaving Millions Off Litigation Expenses

It is no secret that the healthcare industry as a whole is facing greater and greater scrutiny each year, and the industry is growing more litigious. Pharmaceutical companies in particular face patent litigation, antitrust litigation, class actions, multidistrict litigation, and False Claim Act litigation. 

Insights From The Inevitable: Challenges & Opportunities of Fortune 500 Data Discovery Leaders

On September 3rd, Text IQ hosted a conversation that included e-discovery experts from three multinational corporations as part of The Inevitable 2020 Series. It is a frank discussion that sheds light on both the challenges and opportunities attendant to managing discovery in large organizations.

Meet a Text IQer: R&D Engineer Astha Gupta

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

Insights From The Inevitable: When The Odds Are Against You: Antitrust Merger Review

On August 27th, as part of our The Inevitable 2020 Series, Text IQ co-founder Omar Haroun sat down with Dentons’ Ausra Deluard to get her insights on the use of cutting-edge technologies like predictive coding and artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently and cost-effectively manage HSR Second Request reviews.

How AI is Reshaping Privilege Review

The argument for applying AI technology to automate routine, repetitive legal work is borne by cost efficiencies. But what about high-stakes litigation activity like privilege review where a matter can turn on a single document that has been overlooked in the review process?

Meet a Text IQer: DevOps Intern Albert Choi

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company. This installment features Albert Choi, DevOps Intern. We provide our interns with an immersive program to give them indispensable, hands-on experience while learning exactly what it’s like to work at Text IQ.

Text IQ Series | Revisiting Automatic Redaction: An Introduction to Automatic Redaction with AI

Generally regarded as a necessary evil, redactions plague industries such as legal, life sciences, and financial services with countless hours and costs associated with the tedious, mundane work of omitting privileged, protected, and personal information from documents. In this installment of Revisiting Automatic Redaction, we take a closer look at the necessity of it and how AI can help automate this arduous process.  

Insights From The Inevitable: Predictions on Federal Privacy Legislation

“91% of people polled think that there will be federal privacy legislation and it looks like the majority 55% believe that that'll happen in the next three to four years.” 

This was the results of the audience polling that kicked-off the Inevitable 2020 series hosted by Text IQ on July 29. Our panelists discussed, as Orrick’s Heather Sussman puts it, “the patchwork landscape” of privacy compliance obligations and what the future might hold.

Demystifying AI: Self-Supervised Learning

Let’s start by thinking about how we learn new skills. Suppose you’ve downloaded and installed a new piece of software,and you’re loading it up for the first time. When you enter the interface, everything is new. As you explore the menus, options, and functions, you start to realize just how complicated this program really is, and you feel lost and confused.

Insights From The Inevitable: Digital Transformation in the COVID-19 Era

“[Our] broad portfolio helped soften some of the impacts...We don’t think it’s going to bump back to the levels pre-COVID, but we hope that it’s going to bump back to a reasonable level.” ~John

“It’s actually been an interesting catalyst for a number of things...I think that this is going to be an interesting transformational moment for financial services...” ~Mayopoulos

Protected Health Information: What You Need To Know

Protected Health Information, often referred to as PHI, is any personal information contained in a patient’s medical record and obtained during the course of medical treatment that, if disclosed, could reveal the identity of the patient. For many years healthcare providers and insurance companies freely exchanged and disclosed PHI. Unfortunately, this exchange of information often resulted in people losing or being denied health insurance due to newly onset or pre-existing conditions. However, that all changed in 1996 when Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); and what originally started as a way to hold insurance companies accountable has morphed and expanded into so much more over the last couple of decades.

Introducing The Inevitable 2020 Series

Discussions to guide you through this unprecedented time.

The Best Features for Automatic Redaction Software

Auto-redaction is the secure, computerized removal of sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), privileged, or confidential data, from documents. There are many reasons a business may need to redact their documents and data. Businesses or agencies that deal with protected or sensitive data, may need to redact documents for litigation purposes or simply to prevent the public exposure of names, social security numbers, or financial information.

Meet a Text IQer: Engineer & Researcher Yi-Hsiang Kao

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company. This installment features Yi-Hsiang Kao, Engineer & Researcher. Entrenched in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) that’s at the root of Text IQ, Yi-Hsiang, strives to find new ways to bring structure to an increasing amount of unstructured data. 

Text IQ Series | Revisiting Automatic Redaction: HIPAA Redactions Can Be a Tough Pill to Swallow

Life Sciences companies - and their legal representation - feel the burden of redacting sensitive information such as PII and PHI to comply with HIPAA regulations during clinical trials, adverse report filings, litigation, and more. We spoke with Leeanne Mancari, Litigator and Co-Chair of eDiscovery and Information Management Platform at DLA Piper, on the pain points she faces while representing clients in the Life Sciences sector and potential solutions to streamline the discovery process. 

An Historical Look at Attorney-Client Privilege, Privilege Review, and Privilege Logs

The Federal Rules of Evidence were adopted by the Supreme Court on Nov. 20, 1972 and became effective on July 1, 1973. Since then there have been many changes and modifications to make privilege what it is today.

Text IQ Partners with Seyfarth Shaw

We're pleased to announce our (now official) partnership with Seyfarth Shaw LLP!

The Benefits of Removing Sensitive Information with Automatic Redaction

Automatic redaction also known as auto-redaction is the automated blacking out, deletion, or “sanitizing” of text in documents or electronic formats. Auto-redaction can be utilized for scanned paper documents, emails, text messages, and metadata (information that is hidden within a given communication medium). 

Meet a Text IQer: Legal Intern Ida Ebeid

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company. 

Launching auto-redaction

Holy ███ ! Text IQ Launches Auto-Redaction!

We applied our AI to auto-redaction to revolutionize the very manual, time-consuming, and risky process. You've got to see it to believe it! Check out what all the excitement is about by scheduling your demo now.
Request A Demo

As the new working environment and privacy landscape continues to evolve, we’re here to help you adapt to it. Our Auto-Redaction product provides auto-identification and redaction of sensitive data (e.g. PI, PHI, confidential, or privileged information) at scale to align with the ever-escalating regulatory requirements.

Here’s a quick glance at how it works:

Demystifying AI Series: Unstructured Data

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” In this way, Michelangelo explained the creative process that led him to turn rough chunks of marble into some of the world’s most prized sculptures. Rather than transforming the raw materials into something new, the artist subtracted the unnecessary rock to reveal that which lay hidden inside.

Mastering the Document Review Process

Document review, as it relates litigation and legal proceedings, is the process where each party to the proceeding reviews, sorts, and analyzes all documents, data, and electronic information in their possession to determine which materials may be relevant to the proceeding and what may be withheld from production. This process is the cornerstone of most discovery and ediscovery actions.

Text IQ at the CPR Annual Meeting

Earlier this year, before cities, states, and even countries were placed on Covid-19 lock downs, when we could still go places (we miss places), our CEO and co-founder, Apoorv Agarwal joined leaders in compliance, law, and Fortune 100 companies at the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution’s annual meeting in St. Petersburg, FL. He was honored to participate in “The ADR Proceeding of the Future” panel discussion. Apoorv had the opportunity to share Text IQ’s innovations in artificial intelligence and its cutting edge applications.

Meet a Text IQer: Head of People Operations Brandon Nieuw

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our newly relaunched "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

Are You Prepared For Privilege Review?

We're taking you back to basics with an in-depth look at the privilege review process, including how to conduct a privilege review and how to reduce your discovery expenses.  

Demystifying AI Series: Unsupervised Learning

Children are born with intelligence but lack knowledge. As they observe and interact with the world, experience feeds into that intelligence and gradually knowledge takes form. This, of course, is what we call learning.

Text IQ Partners with Sheppard Mullin

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP! Check out the full press release here

Meet a Text IQer: Ashley Mangus, Director of Strategy and Customer Success

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our newly relaunched "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

Our Response to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 situation has shown us that despite physical social distancing, we’re all in this together.

How To Integrate AI Into Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy can be tricky since it is a multi-faceted endeavor that requires initial and regular assessments.

Learn how AI can eliminate the time and risk associated with second request compliance

Text IQ is excited to launch our new ebook, “A Guide for Antitrust Counsel: Transforming Second Request Compliance With AI,” we explain how to comply with regulator requests while saving countless hours and dollars, and significantly reducing risk (download now).


Meet a Text IQer: Strategic Account Director Lindsey Scott

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our newly relaunched "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

Text IQ 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a year marked by growth and energy at Text IQ. We expanded our offerings, raised capital, grew our team, launched a new office, and defined our core values — throughout we focused on doing the important work of harnessing the power of AI to help our customers find and protect sensitive information. 

Here’s a quick glance at how our year shaped up.

Data Breaches Explained

A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment.

Top 10 Best Practices for Privilege Logs

Nothing will cause a group of young associate attorneys to groan quite like a privilege log. For most, privilege logs are deemed a necessary evil during litigation prep. However, our list of best practices will help you optimize your privilege log preparations and make your next privilege log experience painless.

In a Packed Room at EDI 2019, There Are Signals That AI is Maturing

At #TheInevitable 2019: "This is the Kind of Risk You Can't Put a Number On"

For our second year hosting #TheInevitable, Text IQ brought together a hand-picked crowd of thought leaders that don’t normally get to interact: CPOS, CIOs, CISOs, GCs—and some of the world's top researchers in AI. Our coverage is below.

Law Firms Face Tough Questions About Life After AI

I was in Portland last month at PREX 2019 to host a panel titled: “Tech Spotlight: The Case for AI in a Privacy-Conscious World.” One topic that came up in the discussion was the impact that AI adoption will have on the law firm business model. My musings and coverage are below.

8 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing the Legal Industry

Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already altering the way lawyers think, the way they conduct business, and the way they manage their clients, the legal profession still largely relies on paralegals, legal assistants, and interns to manually research and process information.

Examining the Class Action Discovery Burden

Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and its state analogues, which govern class action lawsuits in the United States, may be the most important laws in modern litigation.  In an era when most civil suits settle, class actions dominate the settlement landscape. Given the trend towards higher settlement values, recent Supreme Court opinions that have been interpreted as anti-class-plaintiff are turning out to challenge class action defendants. In this article, we examine these recent rulings, trends, and challenges in class action litigation settlements.

How AI Can Overcome the 5 Choke Points in Privilege Review

At Text IQ, we developed our solution because we found many stages in the privilege review process where current methods were inefficient and inherently risky. These stages represent choke points that our technology—AI for Sensitive Information—can overcome.

This AI-Powered Workflow is Transforming Privilege Review

Text IQ has applied artificial intelligence to privilege review, a process that is historically risky, inefficient, and costly. The diagram below demonstrates the literal transmutation of privilege review with Text IQ.

Advancing Document Review: From Regular Expressions To Artificial Intelligence

Short for Regular Expression, Regex is a sequence of text programming that is used to generate and recognize patterns to identify, define, and manage text. 

The Upside of Automating Document Review with AI

Hiring outside reviewers, or contract attorneys, to perform document review is a well-known practice in the legal field. Document review requires a lot of work - often thousands of attorney hours, and contract attorneys can be a cost effective solution. However, negative outcomes, attorney experiences, and even legislation show that relying solely on manual review may not be the best option for document review. 

Operationalizing Machine Learning for GDPR

With its General Data Protection Regulation, Europe is calling on United States companies to rethink some of their core business models and data processes. And as organizations contend with life after GDPR, many of them are finding that the only thing they need to change about their data strategy is... everything. 

When Unsupervised Machine Learning Becomes Human Teaching

My favorite machine learning study is not from a machine learning journal, but from a study about the Ancient Chinese. This says a lot about the versatility of AI.

Meet a Text IQer: Senior R&D Engineer Daven Corbett

We sat down with Daven – who studied Computer Science at Stony Brook University and comes to us via enterprise software companies like Salesforce – to discuss high stakes, custom query languages, and cool co-workers.

Sorting Through the Options in Technology-Assisted Second Request Review

Part Two of a Three-Part Series where we examine the evolving challenges of second requests, and the promise of AI to help. Our last post addressed the logistical challenges for antitrust counsel facing a second request review. This post will explore competing demands of growing scrutiny and growing risk.

Facing the Bad Odds of Second Request Review

Part I of a series where we examine what you’re up against, and follow up with the promise of AI to help. 

Amid the high-stakes and often high-stress negotiations that accompany corporate mergers and acquisitions, a government-mandated “Second Request” poses another formidable hurdle for a company and its antitrust counsel to clear.

Why the ESI Explosion Demands New Tools for Document Review

Part 1 of a series about the role of AI in a world that’s leaving TAR behind.

Meet a Text IQer: Senior R&D Engineer Weichen Wang

In our first installment of this new series, we interviewed Weichen Wang, who holds a Master of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and has previously worked as an engineer at enterprise software companies like Zenefits and Clio. Read on to learn what it’s like taking on one of the unsolved problems of AI.

Text IQ Named to CB Insights’ AI 100 List

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news today: Text IQ has been named to the prestigious AI 100, a select group of promising private companies working on groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology. The list is officially billed as “a ranking of the 100 most promising private artificial intelligence companies in the world,” and is authored annually by CB Insights, the authority on emerging trends in artificial intelligence.

The Inevitable: AI Will Change How Businesses Function

Last month, Text IQ hosted the first The Inevitable at the offices of Jones Day in New York City. The invite-only executive gathering was attended by Fortune 100 executives and leading Artificial Intelligence researchers to discuss AI’s evolving role in protecting highly-regulated enterprises.

Text IQ: The Next Step in the Legal Tech Evolution

Jocelyn Hunter, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

Jocelyn Hunter knows a thing or two about more saving and more doing. After twenty years at Home Depot, Hunter now serves as the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for the company, where she works on employment litigation, international work, legal issues relating to the company’s

Better Walls, Better eDiscovery

Source: IG InitiativeMeet Aaron Crews, Head of eDiscovery at Walmart. In his tenure at the behemoth and beyond, he’s seen the evolution of eDiscovery operations as both in-house and outside counsel. Crews understands firsthand the gravity of building strategies for a massive litigation profile that are repeatable, defensible, transparent, and cost-efficient. At Text IQ, we’re building solutions

Kicking Off the New Site with Forbes Spotlight

Welcome to Text IQ! We’re thrilled to launch our new website and blog, where we’ll be sharing news about the company, interviews with thought-leaders, ideas around developments in the industry, and (naturally) media mentions.