Announcing the Launch of Our Unconscious Bias Detector

Announcing the Launch of Our Unconscious Bias Detector

The events of the past year have been eye-opening for many large companies. Clearly, more changes are needed in order to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of Text IQ’s Unconscious Bias Detector as part of our AI for Good initiative. I discuss this launch in my recent interview with San Francisco’s ABC 7.

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From the beginning, Text IQ has been devoted to the ethical use of AI. This mission has led us to devote time and resources to build a tool utilizing our industry-leading AI to help organizations uncover hidden bias. Read the full press release here

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Unconscious Bias Detector creates a best-in-class workplace

We believe most companies want to foster a fair, equitable, and diverse workplace. Since unconscious bias is by its nature unseen, it can easily go unnoticed. Our breakthrough tool brings potential instances of unconscious bias to the surface.

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A recent Fortune article explains that this tool isn’t meant to point blame or highlight shortcomings in managers. Instead, it is meant to show a company’s commitment to eradicating bias and promoting a fair and equitable workplace. If bias is found, leaders can work to mitigate it through training or changing the nature of their performance reviews. 

“Talented and dedicated employees are incredibly valuable and frequently difficult to replace. One way to build loyalty is by making sure the staff knows the workplace operates on a level playing field. By employing the Unconscious Bias Detector, managers demonstrate that they’re committed to doing everything they can to provide that.” —Ruby Zefo, CPO of Uber

The unconscious bias detector can aid companies in their quest to become a “Best Company to Work For,” and attract top talent.

How the unconscious bias detector works

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The Unconscious Bias Detector uses our innovative AI technology to accurately and efficiently detect instances of bias in employee performance reviews. Text IQ is uniquely able to handle the review of this unstructured data to uncover patterns in qualitative and quantitative reviews. For example, phrasing focused on personality rather than work could be indicative of bias. 

Watch a quick demo of the Unconscious Bias Detector in action: 

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To maximize the “good” this tool can do for organizations, Text IQ is currently offering the Unconscious Bias Detector free of charge to organizations. The tool is best suited for organizations with over 1,000 employees to ensure a large enough dataset to build an accurate machine learning model for the review.

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