How Does Google Know Where to Find Things?

How Does Google Know Where to Find Things?

You’ve probably Googled something like “ice cream near me” or “cold medicine near me” before and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Google will offer a list and map of ice cream parlors within a reasonable radius of your location.

To help with your cold medicine search, Google will list brick-and-mortar drug stores selling cold remedies or online ordering options in case you’re too sick to leave your home. 

This modern convenience is almost expected now and receiving subpar choices in return can even be irritating when you have your phone out and awaiting directions to the nearest scoop of rocky road. 

Ever wonder how Google knows this? 

There’s actually a lot of complex and difficult data science that goes into Google supplying this information. At the forefront of this research is Dr. Chris Welty, a research scientist at Google. On Thursday, March 18th, Chris took us on an AI Deep Dive to discuss the ‘how’ behind Google’s capabilities in “Google Shopping Sense: Using AI & Graphs to Find Churros Near You.” 

Chris delved into how the research team overcame challenges like the 70% of stores worldwide that do not have websites. He’ll also shared the combination of solutions such as knowledge graphs, AI, and human common sense that helped to solve this challenge and help you find your ice cream quicker. 

You can watch the replay of “Google Shopping Sense: Using AI & Graphs to Find Churros Near You” below.

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