Introducing The Inevitable 2020 Series

Introducing The Inevitable 2020 Series

Discussions to guide you through this unprecedented time.

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In the words of Ben Folds, “how many years will we try to cram into one?” The past six months have been a lot to digest; we have seen over 12 million COVID-19 cases and counting, moved 42% of the workforce to working from home full-time, accelerated AI adoption and automation, and fought rising cases of cybercrime and data breaches, all while dealing with rising social inequality and racial injustice and the year is only half over. We continue to negotiate these issues and still have to deal with a presidential election, new developments in federal privacy legislation, and whatever else 2020 may have up its sleeve.

In light of all this, technology has been our saving grace, but it has its own shortcomings. With over 80% of enterprise data now being unstructured, companies are left grappling with how to handle it efficiently. Most enterprises are still very siloed, with one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Meaning, a lot of data is uncategorized, inaccessible, and a source of risk from a privacy, security, legal, and compliance perspective. We’re living in a time when we have more data than ever before, with top researchers and academics using it to solve the world’s toughest problems, but a disconnect remains and valuable resources and ideas aren’t being shared. 

Witnessing the accelerating pace of innovation, the challenges many businesses face when grappling with troves of data, and the lack of communication between researchers, educators, and practitioners in the field, Text IQ launched The Inevitable. A forum bringing together industry leaders, AI catalysts, and top researchers to discuss cutting edge technology and applications, the evolving digital landscape, and how to prepare for what’s on the horizon. 

In true 2020 fashion, The Inevitable has pivoted to a series of virtual events - but, this isn’t any old webinar series. You won’t hear any monologues, and no sitting through boring presentations either. Think fireside chats, but without the fire. We’ve pulled our speakers away from the decision table for a discussion with YOU. We welcome audience questions during and prior to the events (submit your questions here).

Digital Transformation in the COVID-19 Era

Our first discussion on Thursday, July 23rd at 2-3:00 pm EST will cover: 

  • How COVID-19 has changed consumer & stakeholder expectations
  • Unique challenges facing innovation in highly regulated industries
  • Risks & opportunities from operationalizing AI
  • Accelerating change with AI - success stories

Our first panel consists of heavy-hitters with a depth of experience across several highly regulated industries and government: 

Kathy_Kay5314final5x7@300dpi-1Kathy Kay, current SVP & CIO of Principal Financial Group, is perhaps one of the most innovative CIOs in the Fortune 500. She’s successfully led multiple digital transformations across utility, automotive, and financial industries, without being slowed down by any glass ceiling that may have stood in her way.

Tim-Mayopoulos-headshot-1Tim Mayopoulos, current president of Blend, former President & CEO of Fannie Mae and General Counsel of Bank of America, and member of multiple corporate boards, has accomplished great feats during his tenure in the financial industry (a profitable Fannie Mae, to name one). He has long been a champion of technology and its ability to advance industries’ efficiencies to the benefit of consumers and shareholders.

Stefan John-1-1Stefan John, current SVP at BASF Corporation, General Counsel & CCO at BASF North America, is one of the most entrepreneurial GCs in the Fortune 100. He has repeatedly upended the status quo, most recently at BASF, where he restructured and modernized the legal department through the use of technology.

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But, wait there’s more...

We have regularly scheduled conversations coming up for you! Upcoming topics include:

  • Predictions on Federal Privacy Legislation
  • Unique Cybersecurity Challenges During COVID-19 WFH
  • PI and Litigation in Healthcare
  • Data Breach Incident Response
  • Ethics and AI
  • Pushing AI Initiatives Amidst Tight COVID-19 Budgets
  • The Trade-off Between Privacy and Compliance

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