Meet a Text IQer: Legal Intern Ida Ebeid

Meet a Text IQer: Legal Intern Ida Ebeid

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company. 

This installment features Ida Ebeid, Legal Intern. Our interns learn exactly what it’s like to work at Text IQ and leave with indispensable, hands-on experience.


Menial tasks. 

Waste of time.

“Fluff” projects.

These are all aspects of the all-to-common internship experience that lead to disappointment for everyone involved. Since the intern lacks experience they aren’t given meaningful work, and are robbed of the opportunity to grow. 

Text IQ rarely takes interns, but when it does, the experience is the opposite of this. Our interns are treated with the same level of respect as our full-time team members. We design a program aimed to help them grow professionally while working hand-in-hand with our team members. Ida Ebeid, one of Text IQ’s first legal interns can attest to this. 

No “Fluff” Included

Ida interned with Text IQ full-time during the summer of 2019 and then part-time during her second year of law school. From the start, there was a clear match in values between Ida and Text IQ; both have high standards, neither let challenges stand in their way, both feed on collaboration, and both are eager to drive change. 

Needle In A Haystack

As a start-up, Text IQ doesn’t take on many interns so the ones they do need to be exceptional. Ida had similarly high standards for where she was going to spend her 1L summer break from UC Berkeley’s Law. She was looking for a mix of law, technology, business, rapid growth, and local (this self-proclaimed west coast transplant didn't want to uproot herself or her cat, Toot (Arabic for blackberry), for the summer). After many interviews with traditional law firms and larger companies, she found her needle-in-a-haystack, Text IQ. 

What Challenge?

Neither Ida nor Text IQ are strangers to obstacles in life. As with most AI companies, Text IQ has fought the uphill battle of getting enterprises to fundamentally young Idachange their way of operating. Ida moved to the US from Egypt with her family at the age of 7 without knowing any English. A true “child of the internet,” she taught herself English online and thus was born a true love of technology. This grit and scrappiness would later meld well with the “startup-y” vibe at Text IQ.

Collaboration is Key

As the summer progressed, Ida was shocked by how collaborative the young company was. Text IQ COO, Omar Haroun, had promised her a collaborative experience and he did not disappoint! Ida was able to efficiently maneuver between legal, sales, and c-suite in a way that lent itself to a natural cross-pollination of ideas. “I learned how instrumental a legal representative is in nearly all parts of a company - especially a rapidly growing company,” says Ida. The collaboration didn’t stop after work hours either. Ida enjoyed many dinners or the occasional bowling outing that crossed department lines.

The Drive for Change

Ida’s ambition to be a driver of societal change was matched when she learned about Text IQ’s crusade to use AI for good and improve lives (or at least work lives) with their enterprise software. Ida was drawn to the various applications and the vision of the Text IQ platform for legal, compliance, and security departments at large enterprises. 

One of Ida’s projects during her internship at Text IQ was to assist with developing and implementing a new strategy for the company’s AI platform for a new partner channel: law firms. As a fledgling lawyer, she could already see how leveraging Text IQ’s AI could revolutionize the legal industry to the benefit of the law firms’ and Text IQ’s mutual clients. “Being on the cutting edge of this new technology from the beginning really excited me,” exclaimed Ida of her time at Text IQ. (A quick ‘The More You Know’ side note here: Many premier law firms have already partnered with Text IQ since their clients are looking for legal representation with AI abilities or experience! You can learn more about Text IQ for Legal here).

Looking Forward

As her internship winds down (albeit remotely), Ida looks back fondly on her time with Text IQ and is realizing how valuable her experience has been. Compared to her fellow classmates, she was able to gain more knowledge and hands-on experience from a legal perspective. To round out her law school experience, she is looking forward to cutting her teeth at the tech-savvy firm Sidley Austin this summer, but she hopes to someday return to in-house counsel in the future - hopefully in tech. 

When asked what advice Ida would have for students who may want to follow in her legal-tech footsteps she responded, “If you’re interested in cutting edge work, this is it. In ten years Text IQ technology will be ubiquitous. Interns, legal or otherwise, who want to be on the ground floor - this is your chance!” 

DISCLAIMER (The lawyers made us put this here!): Text IQ is not accepting applications for interns at this time, but if you are interested in future opportunities with us, please reach out at We’re always interested in meeting new, exceptional talent and would love to have a discussion with you.