Meet a Text IQer: Strategic Account Director Lindsey Scott

Meet a Text IQer: Strategic Account Director Lindsey Scott

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our newly relaunched "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

This installment features Lindsey Scott, a stellar member of our Sales Team. Lindsey holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and prior to joining Text IQ, served as Enterprise Sales Director for Axiom.

How did you get involved with Text IQ?
I first heard about Text IQ when the founders reached out to me. I spent most of my career working with legal, compliance and privacy departments in the Fortune 500, so I was pretty familiar with Text IQ’s target customers. As soon as I learned about the AI applications, I knew it was exactly what many customers in this space were looking for.

Why did you choose to join Text IQ?
I was excited about the opportunity to work closely with the founders and to participate in building this business. I’m very entrepreneurial by nature, and the idea of working with the founding members to create something that will change the industry is exciting. I was also eager for the opportunity to enter the technology and AI space.

I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter how great your product is if you don’t have the right people in the room. Once I met the people at Text IQ — Omar, Karan, Brandon, and everyone else — I felt right away that this was an extremely smart and fun group that I wanted to be a part of.

What were your early conversations with the founders like?
My first conversations were mostly with Apoorv. His approach is very much that of a teacher or professor, and our first chats involved him explaining the challenges of identifying sensitive information and his vision for Text IQ. For me, AI was very new and frankly intimidating, but Apoorv discussed Text IQ from the lens of addressing major business challenges, which really hooked me.

What was your first impression of Text IQ’s technology?
My gut reaction was that it was going to solve a lot of the problems I had been hearing about from my customers for years. Every enterprise legal and privacy group is faced with the challenge of “doing more with less” when it comes to these large scale projects.  I recognized that Text IQ’s applications would help them address sensitive data in a way I hadn’t seen before – using AI to not only reduce cost and give our customers time back, but to dramatically reduce enterprise risk as well.

What is like being a woman in the male-dominated technology space?
I am proud to be a part of the change in this industry.  Text IQ is trying to challenge the “status quo,” and we need to do that across the board.  Many of our customers are women and I think it’s important that customers see themselves reflected in our team.

Also, I know that the best teams are built through collaboration and diverse viewpoints.  I am not shy about offering my own perspective as a woman, and I hope that I can empower others to do the same.

Lindsey at computer

Where does your passion for sales stem from?
I love working with people. I love helping our customers solve complex problems, and it’s extremely fulfilling for me when I can help them achieve their goals.

On the other side, I am a competitive person by nature! I love sales because I’m directly contributing to the growth of the company. Especially in a company the size of Text IQ, I can actually see the impact of my personal contributions and the hard work of the sales team as a whole.

What do you enjoy most about working for Text IQ?
I enjoy how fast-paced it is, and I’ve learned a ton. The scrappy, collaborative environment is exactly what I was looking for. It’s exhausting and super energizing at the same time.

One of my favorite aspects of the New York City team in particular is that we have almost all the different Text IQ departments represented here.  I work alongside folks on the People team, the Product team, Engineering, Finance, and of course our CEO. It’s been helpful in my onboarding to learn about these different teams and what they are all up to!