Meet a Text IQer: R&D Engineer Astha Gupta

Meet a Text IQer: R&D Engineer Astha Gupta

Highlighting the talents and perspectives of our individual team members, our "Meet a Text IQer" blog series provides an insider view of the key players who drive our company.

This installment features Astha Gupta, R&D Engineer. Astha graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. Prior to Text IQ, she developed software for Amazon and MindTickle. 

During this time when structure and predictability are at a minimum due to COVID-19, Astha creates her own as an R&D Engineer for Text IQ. When she’s not working on algorithms to give structure to the world's unstructured data, she’s giving structure to her free time with her new pandemic hobby, yoga, mentoring, and talking to family on a daily basis. 

The First, But Not Last

Although Astha was Text IQ’s first female engineer, she makes it clear that she never felt odd about that fact or outnumbered in her department. The company’s focus on diversity, openness, and collaboration made for a very pleasant work environment for her. The male to female ratio is better now and continues to even out as Text IQ continues to grow. 

Not being new to the startup scene (she worked for Indian startup, MindTickle, prior to joining Text IQ), Astha was initially drawn to Text IQ by the work environment and the ability to use AI to solve problems for people. She enjoys the all-hands-on-deck vibe and the exposure to the product and management that the startup environment provides. She enjoys working with a smaller, extremely collaborative team and having the freedom to make important decisions. She also mentions the various opportunities that she’s had during her 2+ year tenure with Text IQ. “You’re not limited to just one department and there are plenty of team lead opportunities. If you express interest in a particular project, you’re often encouraged to work on it. It’s an awesome place to learn and grow professionally.”

Building a Strong Framework

So what exactly does Astha work on? A lot of her efforts go toward constant scaling and high level architecture design projects for Text IQ’s flagship products. She is constantly working to improve efficiency and performance to manage unstructured text on a massive scale. Her expertise in probabilistic data structures and data mining comes handy while designing frameworks for large enterprise clients. Astha’s work improves both precision and recall within privileged populations through a series of projects including:

  • Support for advanced search queries
  • Support for diacritics and nonstandard characters
  • Improved domain prediction

She also improves the scalability of the technology for large datasets by improving report generation and limiting the increase in module run-time relative to the increase in data size. These client-facing projects ultimately improves the user experience by making the product easier to use, faster, and more accurate. 

Collaboration is Key

But don’t let her list of responsibilities fool you, she’s not sitting at her computer coding in a vacuum. A lot of this development work is very collaborative, something Astha excels at - as evidenced by her earning the Text IQ “Above & Beyond” award for her ability to collaborate with all members of her team and meet deadlines on time. With a strong work ethic, a passion for engineering, and the ability to bring teams together, Astha is well on her way to achieving her goals of being a senior engineer, and someday, a principal engineer. 

Giving BackMeet a TextIQer_Astha 1

Outside of Text IQ, Astha gives back to the community in multiple ways. She co-founded the nonprofit, Hope and Happiness, an organization that develops specialty and customized products for people with autism. Closer to her home now, she participates in a mentorship program with her local YWCA where she assists immigrant, single mothers with goal setting and exploring career options. 

If you’d like to learn about career opportunities at Text IQ, please visit our careers section.