Never Say "Oh $h*t!" Again

Never Say "Oh $h*t!" Again

Picture it: You’re 8 weeks deep into a document review, overseeing a team of 25 contract reviewers and you notice - it - during a routine spot-check. Your reviewers have been coding privileged documents inconsistently. Your heart sinks and your stomach drops. Your production deadline is around the corner and now you’re faced with re-reviewing thousands of documents. You kind of want to cry and the only thing that comes to mind is, “oh $h*t!”

Launching a New Intro to AI

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If you’ve been wanting to learn more about and even test out artificial intelligence, but other priorities keep getting in the way of innovation, you’re in luck! It’s never been easier to take our AI on a test drive in your organization. It’s time to put these “Oh $h*t! Moments” behind you for good with AI. 

Text IQ’s proprietary AI algorithms are able to apply your organization’s names, hierarchies, vernacular, and context to your document reviews consistently and efficiently. It cuts review times down by 50%, brings accuracy up to near perfect, and slashes litigation expenses. Oh, and it can redact PI, PHI, special category data, privileged, and confidential information as well. In short, it leaves other software platforms and manual reviewers in its dust, while making your team look like calm, well-rested rock stars.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

You’re probably skeptical that our AI can actually do all that we claim. And that’s fair, we are biased. The best way to put it to the test is with a POC. This allows you to see our software in action and personalized for your organization. So you’ll be able to see your document review dreams come true in real life.

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A Fresh take on a POC

We’ve put a fresh spin on our POC offering, making it even easier to implement. This low-touch process allows you to be as involved as you’d like, while we do the heavy lifting. During your POC, we provide tools and information on your current process as well as industry benchmarks to gain a deeper understanding of your status quo. We then provide side-by-side comparisons of key performance metrics, showing how your current process performs compared to our AI. Our ROI analysis will show the difference AI can make in your organization on an annual basis.

Prove It - What It Takes For A Successful AI POC

On Friday, October 30th at 2pm EST, we’re hosting a live discussion with three Text IQ POC veterans on how to get the most out of your POC. Our experts include Briordy Meyers, Director and Senior Counsel, E-discovery at Boehringer Ingelheim, on the enterprise-side, Matthew Jackson, Counsel, Data Analytics and Discovery at Sidley Austin LLC, representing the law firm perspective, and James Calvert, Discovery Counsel of LSP Troutman Pepper eMerge. They’ll provide tips and tricks to ensure your POC runs as smoothly as possible. For more information and to register visit here

AI Impact Assessment

Curious if even an email to set up a POC is worth the hassle? We get that. That’s why we created a new, free tool to give you a rough idea of the impact AI could make in your organization. After just a few questions, our AI Impact Assessment will show you how much you could save in 2021 by switching to AI for your document reviews. Warning: the results may surprise you!

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Additional POC Resources

Please visit to learn more information about Text IQ POCs. We’ve packed this page full over resources, including POC testimonials, a case study featuring a company who completed a POC, a helpful 5 step POC guide, a POC checklist, and our AI Impact Assessment

Heard Enough? Get Started


Disclaimer: Hopefully you weren’t taking a drink every time we mentioned POC. We’re just super excited about how easy it is now for you to take our AI for a test drive! To learn more, please visit here