Our Response to Coronavirus

Our Response to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 situation has shown us that despite physical social distancing, we’re all in this together.

During this tenuous time, we recognize work is changing. While commutes have gotten shorter and meetings look a lot different — featuring more cameos from babies and pets — how, where, and when we work has transformed.

Our workdays certainly don’t run 8-5 anymore — if they ever did — and those of us lucky enough to have work to do are challenged to meet deadlines across new environments. Flexibility has become our watchword as small and large companies strive to create business continuity plans during uncertain times. The technology once seen as a luxury is now a necessity.

Those of us in the technology space feel a responsibility to help others meet those demands. To make today’s challenges less daunting, we're working with customers to do what we can to lessen their burden by offering 24/7 virtual support, and scaling up our environments to help customers run their businesses as usual (even in these highly unusual times).

Beyond Text IQ

As part of our social mission, we’re also excited to be joining forces with experts from AI2, Georgetown University, the National Institutes of Health and others for the COVID-19 Challenge, an open call to AI researchers to create tools to enable the medical community to mine troves of COVID-19 research and identify actionable solutions.

Front-line workers need all the help they can get, and we’re inviting our friends and peers in the AI space to join us in working toward that goal. If you have expertise in Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning, please enter the COVID-19 Challenge hosted by our friends at Kaggle! Together, we can make a difference.

The New Normal

In recent days, our customers have shared that the quarantine is creating new challenges.

In the legal realm, for example, it’s now more difficult, and in some areas unlawful, to assemble a team of contract attorneys to sift through thousands of documents for relevant and privileged material. Similarly, in the privacy space, hiring large teams of human reviewers to look for PII and PHI after a data breach or cyber attack is no longer tenable when those teams can no longer access their secure data centers.

Court deadlines, however, still stand firm. And cybercrime continues — it may even be on the rise during this time of heightened vulnerability.

Fortunately AI, and technology in general, is rising to the occasion, allowing our customers and partners to achieve more flexibility and security during this pandemic. As a technology company, our critical business systems operate on highly redundant infrastructure that can be managed remotely.  We have a dispersed team and as a normal course of business operate without reliance on singular fixed physical access. For these reasons, we continue to help customers and partners with their document review needs in litigations, data breaches, investigations, and second requests, especially where assembling large document review teams might be more challenging.

Our business continuity plan is geared toward helping you succeed — whether that’s transitioning toward using more technology solutions, protecting data that’s no longer housed in one place, or handling work loads with a smaller team.

The technology tipping point has arrived, and Text IQ is here to help. After all, we’re all in this together.