Demystifying AI: Artificial Intelligence

Let’s pierce the darkness and cut to the chase. In this article, we’re taking a moonshot at demystifying AI by going to the heart of the issue: exploring artificial intelligence itself. Taking a note from Euclid’s Elements, we’ll start with a few definitions.

Demystifying AI: Self-Supervised Learning

Let’s start by thinking about how we learn new skills. Suppose you’ve downloaded and installed a new piece of software,and you’re loading it up for the first time. When you enter the interface, everything is new. As you explore the menus, options, and functions, you start to realize just how complicated this program really is, and you feel lost and confused.

Demystifying AI Series: Unstructured Data

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” In this way, Michelangelo explained the creative process that led him to turn rough chunks of marble into some of the world’s most prized sculptures. Rather than transforming the raw materials into something new, the artist subtracted the unnecessary rock to reveal that which lay hidden inside.

Demystifying AI Series: Unsupervised Learning

Children are born with intelligence but lack knowledge. As they observe and interact with the world, experience feeds into that intelligence and gradually knowledge takes form. This, of course, is what we call learning.

In a Packed Room at EDI 2019, There Are Signals That AI is Maturing

Operationalizing Machine Learning for GDPR

With its General Data Protection Regulation, Europe is calling on United States companies to rethink some of their core business models and data processes. And as organizations contend with life after GDPR, many of them are finding that the only thing they need to change about their data strategy is... everything. 

When Unsupervised Machine Learning Becomes Human Teaching

My favorite machine learning study is not from a machine learning journal, but from a study about the Ancient Chinese. This says a lot about the versatility of AI.

The Inevitable: AI Will Change How Businesses Function

Last month, Text IQ hosted the first The Inevitable at the offices of Jones Day in New York City. The invite-only executive gathering was attended by Fortune 100 executives and leading Artificial Intelligence researchers to discuss AI’s evolving role in protecting highly-regulated enterprises.