Insights From The Inevitable: Prove It! - What It Takes for a Successful AI POC

On October 30th Text IQ brought together a lawyer, a general counsel, and a legal service provider to discuss testing the value proposition of artificial intelligence (AI) through the use of a proof of concept as part of our The Inevitable 2020 Series.

Insights From The Inevitable: The Board’s Evolving View on Data Privacy

The Inevitable 2020 is a series of virtual discussions featuring Fortune 500 executives and thought leaders with a perspective on Artificial Intelligence's inevitable impact on the way we live and work. 

Insights From the Inevitable: How AI Works and its New Role in Litigation

Privilege review - the process of identifying which documents should be considered covered by attorney-client privilege - is a key element of litigation matters. But the time and expense spent on poring through thousands of documents for privilege review has long been a pain point for counsel. In conjunction with the ACC Central Ohio Technology Committee and Litigation Network, Text IQ convened four industry leaders as part of our The Inevitable 2020 Series to discuss whether artificial intelligence (AI) can help play a broader role in litigation matters - beyond reducing the headache of manual privilege review.

Insights From The Inevitable: Pushing the Boundaries of eDiscovery

On October 1st, the Text IQ Inevitable 2020 Series brought together three senior legal professionals whose careers have placed them at the intersection of the law, information governance, data governance, and emerging technologies. The result is an insightful and engaging discussion that speaks to the heart of the challenge: how to manage massive amounts of data (read company assets...and liabilities) effectively.

Insights From The Inevitable: The Anatomy of a Data Breach

On September 10th, in this, our seventh of The Inevitable 2020 Series, Text IQ brought together three experts in data security and privacy with three distinct vantage points: Legal Counsel, Cyber Insurer, and large consumer-facing multinational organization.

Insights From The Inevitable: Challenges & Opportunities of Fortune 500 eDiscovery Leaders

On September 3rd, Text IQ hosted a conversation that included e-discovery experts from three multinational corporations as part of The Inevitable 2020 Series. It is a frank discussion that sheds light on both the challenges and opportunities attendant to managing discovery in large organizations.

Insights From The Inevitable: When The Odds Are Against You: Antitrust Merger Review

On August 27th, as part of our The Inevitable 2020 Series, Text IQ co-founder Omar Haroun sat down with Dentons’ Ausra Deluard to get her insights on the use of cutting-edge technologies like predictive coding and artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently and cost-effectively manage HSR Second Request reviews.

How AI is Reshaping Privilege Review

The argument for applying AI technology to automate routine, repetitive legal work is borne by cost efficiencies. But what about high-stakes litigation activity like privilege review where a matter can turn on a single document that has been overlooked in the review process?

Insights From The Inevitable: Predictions on Federal Privacy Legislation

“91% of people polled think that there will be federal privacy legislation and it looks like the majority 55% believe that that'll happen in the next three to four years.” 

This was the results of the audience polling that kicked-off the Inevitable 2020 series hosted by Text IQ on July 29. Our panelists discussed, as Orrick’s Heather Sussman puts it, “the patchwork landscape” of privacy compliance obligations and what the future might hold.

Insights From The Inevitable: Digital Transformation in the COVID-19 Era

“[Our] broad portfolio helped soften some of the impacts...We don’t think it’s going to bump back to the levels pre-COVID, but we hope that it’s going to bump back to a reasonable level.” ~John

“It’s actually been an interesting catalyst for a number of things...I think that this is going to be an interesting transformational moment for financial services...” ~Mayopoulos

Introducing The Inevitable 2020 Series

Discussions to guide you through this unprecedented time.

Text IQ at the CPR Annual Meeting

Earlier this year, before cities, states, and even countries were placed on Covid-19 lock downs, when we could still go places (we miss places), our CEO and co-founder, Apoorv Agarwal joined leaders in compliance, law, and Fortune 100 companies at the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution’s annual meeting in St. Petersburg, FL. He was honored to participate in “The ADR Proceeding of the Future” panel discussion. Apoorv had the opportunity to share Text IQ’s innovations in artificial intelligence and its cutting edge applications.

In a Packed Room at EDI 2019, There Are Signals That AI is Maturing

At #TheInevitable 2019: "This is the Kind of Risk You Can't Put a Number On"

For our second year hosting #TheInevitable, Text IQ brought together a hand-picked crowd of thought leaders that don’t normally get to interact: CPOS, CIOs, CISOs, GCs—and some of the world's top researchers in AI. Our coverage is below.

The Inevitable: AI Will Change How Businesses Function

Last month, Text IQ hosted the first The Inevitable at the offices of Jones Day in New York City. The invite-only executive gathering was attended by Fortune 100 executives and leading Artificial Intelligence researchers to discuss AI’s evolving role in protecting highly-regulated enterprises.