Take A 15 Minute Break With Text IQ

Take A 15 Minute Break With Text IQ

We learned a lot last year, including the fact that Zoom fatigue is a real thing. In an effort to bring you need-to-know-now insights from the experts who know best, we’re launching a new, fast-paced, 15 minute executive virtual discussion series. 

You’ll gain 5 key, expert-level takeaways in this exclusive, one-on-one format. Each episode will feature an expert in their field of Privacy, Security, Legal, Risk, or Compliance. 

Let me break it down for you in 5 key takeaways: 

  1. 15 minute, free, virtual executive discussions
  2. Experts from Citrix, Uber, United Healthcare, and more!
  3. Need-to-know topics
  4. Bite-sized, actionable insights 
  5. Smarter before you finish your cup of coffee

Our first guest on Thursday, February 11th from 12 to 12:15pm EST will be Peter Lefkowitz, Chief Privacy & Digital Risk Officer at Citrix Systems, former CPO of GE and Oracle, and IAPP Director (2018). He’ll share what you need to know NOW in privacy and security for 2021. 

Up Next: 

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