Text IQ Partners with ProSearch

Text IQ Partners with ProSearch

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with ProSearch! Read the full press release here

Bringing Predictability To An Unpredictable World

Our partnership with ProSearch, a top service provider of discovery and technology assisted review solutions, will bring welcome predictability to a traditionally erratic expense for legal departments: document review. 

Greg Palm, legal industry veteran and former general counsel of Goldman Sachs, shared enthusiasm for the partnership, “Text IQ is a recognized leader in artificial intelligence with its innovative approach to creating a layer of structured data on top of risky, unstructured data, such as emails and chat messages, where privileged and sensitive personal information can easily get missed. The combination of Text IQ’s proprietary AI software and the ProSearch service delivery model should achieve greater efficiency and cost predictability in what has long been regarded as a largely unpredictable and volatile cost center.” 

Improving Enterprise Customer Outcomes

ProSearch specialists went through an extensive training and certification process to utilize our industry-leading AI platform, which will provide additional efficiencies and cost savings to enterprise clients. This will bring a layer of structure to the vast amounts of unstructured data that requires review. Automating the most expensive and time-consuming elements of discovery, such as privilege and privacy review, will further enhance the top-notch customer experience ProSearch provides while reducing potential ‘surprise’ expenses. 

“Our partnership with Text IQ allows us to offer clients AI-driven technology that perfectly complements our service delivery model, innovative workflows and deep expertise in deriving insights from data. Text IQ will enable ProSearch to effectively manage not just a single use case like privilege review automation, but an entire portfolio of cases ready for improvements like CCPA compliance,” stated Matt Davidson, director of client services at ProSearch.

“ProSearch is the first provider to be fully trained and certified on Text IQ,” Omar Haroun, Text IQ co-founder and COO shared. “Together we can help enterprises untangle the risky mess created by unstructured data.”

Document Review: The Price is Right

To further accentuate the partnership, we are co-producing a new webinar with ProSearch titled, “Bringing Predictability to an Unpredictable Cost Center: Document Review.” The webinar, part of The Inevitable 2020 Series, will air live on Thursday, December 10th at 2 p.m. EST and showcase how the two organizations are teaming up to bringing greater efficiencies, cost savings, and outcomes to corporate enterprise customers. 

To read the full press release, please visit here. For the latest information on upcoming and on-demand webinars in The Inevitable 2020 series, please visit here

For more information on how to bring cost predictability to your legal department, please reach out to sales@textiq.com.