The 7 Terrifying Items Lurking In Your Documents

The 7 Terrifying Items Lurking In Your Documents

Are you aware of the dangers lurking in your documents? A missed privileged document could spell the end of your chances at trial, and failing to redact all the necessary personal information in your files could lead to heavy fines or a lawsuit. Hidden deep in your documents could be evidence that your colleagues are committing fraud!

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve prepared a list covering the terrifying items that could be lurking in your documents. 

The 7 Terrifying Items Lurking in Your Documents

  1. Unknown Attorneys
    The attorney list you get at the start of a document review is never complete. Missing an attorney may mean missing hundreds of privileged documents!
  2. The Same Person Appearing under Different Names
    Often, attorneys are referred to only by their first name, by their initials, by a misspelled version of their name, or a different name entirely!
  3. The Dual Role Problem
    The in-house counsel is offering business advice in one email and legal advice in another. How do you tell the difference?Two-Face
  4. Non-Attorneys Discussing Advice Received From An Attorney
    Legal advice is privileged even when its being repeated. bottleneck_4
  5. Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information
    Failing to redact all the PII and PHI in your files might leave you in grave danger!
  6. Special Category Information
    Sometimes PII isn’t as obvious as a name or address. Special category information like political alignment, religious belief, or sexual orientation might need to be redacted as well.
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  7. Code Words
    When committing fraud, a person is likely to disguise their activity behind code words. Do you know what your colleagues really mean when they say “reuben sandwich?"
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