At #TheInevitable 2019: "This is the Kind of Risk You Can't Put a Number On"

For our second year hosting #TheInevitable, Text IQ brought together a hand-picked crowd of thought leaders that don’t normally get to interact: CPOS, CIOs, CISOs, GCs—and some of the world's top researchers in AI. Our coverage is below.

"GDPR" went from an average of 7 mentions in Q1 2017 to 177 mentions in Q1 2018, according to CB Insights. Now we're all talking about CCPA, which takes effect in less than three months. Meanwhile, enterprise data is exploding.

As the proliferation of unstructured data creates exposure for enterprises, how can they navigate the trade-off between liberty and privacy? And how can they parlay a strategy for data risk into a strategy for data maximization, so they can make the most out of the data that they have?

These were a couple of the questions that kept rising to the top over a day of important conversations at #TheInevitable 2019: "Rethinking Privacy in the Age of AI." And it became clear that answering these questions will not only be important for business outcomes like efficiency, but also societal outcomes like improved healthcare, safety, and access to justice.


We heard many variations on these themes as the day progressed. We heard from experts about what AI can do—and can't do. We talked about today’s notions of “privacy rights” in the context of the history of privacy. And we examined how the court of law, together with the court of public opinion, can play into reputation-harm avoidance and #ethics in AI.

We heard about trends in data breaches, data subject requests, data governance, and breaking down enterprise silos. 

And we heard from subject matter experts and visionaries: Chief Privacy Officers like Tim Nagle (US Bank) and Peter Lefkowitz (Citrix), Chief Information Security Officers like Deb Dixson (formerly Best Buy), General Counsels like Randy Milch (formerly Verizon) and Greg Palm (co-GC of Goldman Sachs), and artificial intelligence researchers on the front edge, like the natural language processing scientist Dr. Kevin Knight.Inevitable graphic transparent

This event is a natural progression of the DNA of our company, which was founded in 2014 with a grant from the National Science Foundation, which required us to interview hundreds of people before we wrote a single line of code. First-hand discovery is how we build products, and we will never stop listening.

We look forward to #TheInevitable 2020, and if you’re interested in attending, request an invite here.