The Low Risk Option For Your High Stakes Matter

The Low Risk Option For Your High Stakes Matter

What if you, as the Chief Legal Counsel (CLC) of a multinational enterprise, inadvertently produced 420 privileged documents during a high-stakes litigation? 

This has been the status quo in ediscovery and what the CLC of a Fortune 500 casino & entertainment was trying to avoid when he was tasked with reducing litigation costs and improving quality in the document production process - a historically impossible scenario.

For many companies, document review is the most costly part of litigation in terms of time and budget. The ABA estimates that document review alone accounts for 80 percent of litigation spend. Document reviews can involve millions of documents and come with a seven figure price tag. Privilege review is often the hidden culprit behind these high costs. 

While the amount of data included in discovery continues to grow and litigation expenses along with it, many enterprises and firms are looking for ways to rein in these costs and regain control over the discovery process. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

We recently worked with this casino’s CLC who was faced with this common predicament. Tasked with limiting discovery costs while maintaining a high degree of quality in their document production, he put our AI solution to the test against their traditional, manual review process in his legal department. The results were jaw-dropping…

Text IQ beats human reviewers in document review

We share his journey to finding and testing AI in our new case study, Fortune 500 Casino’s Gamble on AI Pilot Pays Off. 

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