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“We are always looking for new products that can further streamline document review, improve quality, and reduce costs.”

Head-to-Head Challenge: Predictive Coding vs Artificial Intelligence

Seeking to streamline the privilege review process, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and free up attorneys for higher-level work, innovation-leader Reed Smith recently conducted a proof of concept of the Text IQ for Privilege solution. Text IQ’s AI solution achieved 99.9% accuracy, including identifying multiple privileged documents missed by standard privilege screens.

Reed Smith and Text IQ planned a head-to-head evaluation of Text IQ’s AI solution versus using privilege filter terms. The side-by-side comparison would capture Text IQ’s accuracy, speed, and cost of review and measure these metrics against equivalent outputs from a traditional approach.


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Cost Savings

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The Results

Further analysis showed that Text IQ’s AI identified 99.9% of the documents ultimately withheld by Reed Smith as privileged. Furthermore, and most significantly, “Text IQ found 50 additional privileged documents that the traditional privilege screen missed,” Cohen noted after reviewing the side-by-side results.

Text IQ’s AI solution was able to remove more than 28% of the documents that the traditional privilege screen identified as potentially privileged, thereby significantly reducing the resources needed for further review. This reduction in human review time meant not only cost savings but also increased attorney satisfaction, as higher-level attorneys didn’t have to spend additional hours reviewing those false positives. In short, Text IQ’s solution was more accurate, faster, and less burdensome than a review relying on a traditional privilege screen.

Achieving Accuracy in Efficient Document Production table dark *Assumptions based on typical contract review rates.

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