Applying AI to Internal Compliance Investigations

Subscription customer gains added value with new AI use cases

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The Dilemma: Unknown enterprise risk in unstructured data

When allegations surfaced for a Fortune 500 energy company of potential violations of internal protocols, they faced hundreds of millions of dollars in class action lawsuits. Before any subpoenas or lawsuits surfaced, the energy company decided to launch a proactive investigation. They enlisted Text IQ’s assistance to launch a proactive review of over 4 million emails and other unstructured data to gain an understanding of the actions in question.

The company was an existing subscription customer of Text IQ. Their legal department had been using Text IQ’s AI solution for several months so the Text IQ AI Brain, or platform, was already trained in the company’s sensitive information. As the brain processed each matter and human feedback, it became even more accurate and efficient. The AI brain is also very adaptable and can be used across an organization. This allowed the energy company to fast-track its internal compliance investigation.

"AI allowed us to handle this investigation at a speed and quality that we could not have otherwise achieved due to the complexity of the case and the sheer amount of data."


Adapt to New Use Cases

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Added Subscription Value

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Internal Investigations


The Resolution: Realizing greater value from AI subscription with new use case

Text IQ’s AI Brain easily pivoted to this compliance use case for their subscription customer. Through the use of Text IQ’s state-of-the-art deep learning methodologies, the energy company gained a full understanding of the situation at hand and was more confident in their findings facing potential litigation than they would have with their traditional, linear review methods. In the process, the energy company saved over 2 months of turnaround time and over $3 million in costs.

In this particular situation, the Fortune 500 energy company was looking for information pertaining to a specific topic. But the same AI technology and anomaly detection can be used to surface potential instances of concern for corporate compliance departments that were previously unknown. This can empower leadership to know what’s going on at every level of the organization without having to know what they’re looking for. By running proactive compliance reviews companies can stay ahead of any employment litigation or class action lawsuits, and handle any bad actors or misconduct that is discovered.

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Reduced risk by 50%

Minimized number of eyes on sensitive documents

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Reduced turnaround time by 2 months

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Saved over $3 million


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