Fortune 500 Casino's
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The Dilemma

The role of the Chief Legal Counsel (CLC) at a Fortune 500 casino and entertainment corporation encompassed many duties including document review, information governance, legal operations, risk mitigation, budget management, and innovation, to name a few. One of his biggest challenges in this position had been finding a way to bring down the cost of discovery, particularly document review, while gaining more control over the discovery process.

In this vein, the CLC began working directly with third party contract attorneys and legal services providers for document review. This brought with it significant cost savings, but also a new set of challenges. Using hundreds of human document reviewers was still time consuming. Human reviewers were subject to human error, their work product must be heavily quality controlled, and there is a good chance that these human reviewers are simply not dedicated to delivering a high quality or consistent work product. Moreover, the stakes of privilege review required diligence and discretion, which may be lacking from hundreds of different contract attorneys. This left the CLC to look for a solution that would cut costs - without cutting corners - when he was introduced to Text IQ’a Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

“I never thought that I would use AI for privilege review, but the bottom line results in terms of accuracy and efficiency are undeniable.” 

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Risk Reduction

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Litigation Advantage

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Cost Savings


The Resolution

The CLC had learned about the potential of Text IQ’s technology and was interested in putting it to the test. He chose to utilize a set of documents that his human reviewers had recently flagged as responsive and set them and Text IQ to the task of privilege review. The results astonished the legal team.

“I never thought that I would use AI for privilege review, but the bottom line results in terms of accuracy and efficiency are undeniable.”

Having run Text IQ’s AI in parallel with their traditional human review, the casino and entertainment corporation’s CLC was able to determine that Text IQ was less expensive, faster, and more accurate than human review. The results provided an easy way to demonstrate his findings to stakeholders. He established enough faith in the product that he went on to replace the casino and entertainment corporation’s large-scale first pass privilege review with the Text IQ AI platform. He subsequently looked for additional ways Text IQ could optimize their discovery process.

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