Investment in AI Subscription Pays For Itself
Over $900,000 Annual Savings on Document Review



The Dilemma

A Fortune 500 tech company was faced with a challenge. They were expecting to become a party to several litigations. Each of these litigations would require conducting document reviews on hundreds of thousands of documents. Document review is very often the greatest driver of litigation cost. Within document review, privilege review, specifically, is the most time and cost intensive process.

Privilege often depends on context, nuances in relationships, and information that exists within a broad environment of documents. This characteristic means that privilege review cannot be conducted with typical technology assisted review solutions like predictive coding or search terms that cannot see beyond the four corners of a document. Read more about the challenges of privilege review and why predictive coding fails for privilege at Historically, large teams of contract attorneys have been the go-to solution for privilege review, but this too brings its own challenges.

Hiring contract attorneys is expensive, and human reviewers can only work so fast. Quality controlling large teams of contract attorneys is especially difficult considering that human reviewers make errors inconsistently, so it is impossible to know if an error occurred only once or if it happened across the review. If a problem is discovered, a significant amount of time and manpower is required to double check a reviewer’s work to make sure that mistake is not widespread. With human reviewers comes the possibility of time-consuming false positives, unintentional disclosures, and, in the worst case, sensitive information being leaked to competitors or the media.

The Fortune 500 tech company was in search of a better way to handle document review when they were introduced to Text IQ.

“The subscription paid for itself with our very first case. What's great is we also get to use the AI for other purposes as part of the package.” 


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Improved Accuracy

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Reduced Cost & Turnaround Time


The Resolution

A month after signing on to a Text IQ subscription, the tech company faced a matter with 900,000 documents. In place of their normal process of hiring dozens of contract attorneys, the company let Text IQ’s AI handle the review.

The results that Text IQ returned astounded the tech company. This initial matter with Text IQ proved that the AI could reduce risk, turnaround time, and expenses. Text IQ’s AI solution found 18 attorneys that were not included as initial inputs, including 14 in-house counsel and 4 external attorneys. Each of those attorneys could confer privilege, so they must be identified as part of a thorough privilege review. Ultimately, Text IQ surfaced over 5,000 privileged documents that search terms would have missed. Text IQ’s solution is also much better at avoiding false positives than human reviewers or predictive coding software. This combined with the speed at which Text IQ’s AI works saved the technology company over 20,000 attorney hours on the first pass review alone.

A traditional review of this size would cost around $900,000. The tech company’s Text IQ subscription cost them $200,000. With a net savings of $700,000, the tech company’s Text IQ subscription more than paid for itself in just one matter.

The Text IQ subscription actually became more valuable for the tech company over time as their AI Brain developed. The more time and experience Text IQ’s AI solution has working with a customer, the more time it has to learn the organization and to iterate. The AI Brain develops a deep understanding of people, roles, and relationships within the company. By continually learning through feedback, the analysis time for each subsequent batch of documents decreases. The AI Brain’s familiarity with the company’s vernacular and structure allows it to quickly identify sensitive information.

Ultimately, Text IQ was the perfect solution for the Fortune 500 tech company’s burdensome litigation schedule. Text IQ’s AI solution proved to be more accurate and more efficient than the traditional approach to privilege review. The company’s Text IQ subscription paid for itself and greatly reduced their overall document review expenses.

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