Pharma Co. Saves Millions
in Litigation by
Automating Document Review



The Dilemma

Building off a successful proof of concept that proved Text IQ's artificial intelligence (AI) solution could not only handle, but excel at mitigating the company's general counsel "dual role" challenge in document reviews, the Fortune 500 pharma company decided to apply the AI solution more broadly in its document review process.  

Since document reviews generally contained millions of documents they took months to complete with traditional, manual reviewers. The company's assistant general counsel (AGC) knew a quicker, more accurate solution to identify privileged and responsive documents during litigation was needed. However, facing a high-stakes, contentious legal battle, she was hesitant to jump into a new AI solution right away.   

At the same time, this document review process was going to be the most arduous, time consuming part of the entire litigation process, and one of the most expensive parts. The company, like most others these days, was looking for ways to reign in spending and litigation expenses stuck out like a sore thumb as stakeholders reviewed annual budgets. The litigation department was beginning to feel a lot of pressure to find ways to cut the costs down.  

“I want to get to a single pass review using technology, where I take all my documents and AI puts them in different buckets: Responsive, PII, and Privileged.” 


Privilege Review

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Responsive Review

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Privilege Logging


The Resolution

Text IQ AI transformed the privilege review, responsive review, and privilege log creation process. By doing so, the sheer number of documents that needed human review was cut down to only a fraction of what was required with the traditional review process. This reduced the number of reviewers and attorney hours needed, which resulted in a nearly one million dollar reduction in litigation spend -- just on this one matter!

- By running the privilege and responsive reviews concurrently, Text IQ was able to shave months off the company’s typical review time.

- Text IQ addressed the pharma company’s dual role issue with their Socio-Linguistic Hypergraph, which learns the context behind the words. This allows the AI algorithms to discern when someone on the pharma company’s legal team is acting in a legal role versus a business role - a nuance often missed by human reviewers and search term document review software.

- During the privilege review, the Text IQ software assigned scores and reasons to each potentially privileged document as it automatically built out the company’s privilege log.

- The score provides each document with a privilege ranking, which can be used to prioritize the subject matter expert’s review.
- The reasons are written in plain language and provide an explanation for the given score.

As the legal team reviewed the output from Text IQ, everyone was amazed by how easy, yet detailed and precise the process was. Text IQ exceeded all of their expectations. And, now that the Brain had been trained on this matter, the company knew it would see even greater efficiencies and cost savings on subsequent reviews. The Head of Litigation only wished the team had done this sooner.

risk white


 Improved accuracy to 99.9%

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Scores in 2 days

Output within 2 weeks

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Reduced cost by +52% - saving +$785K for 1 case