Priv Review Automation For Government Investigations
Leveraging AI to review 700K sensitive documents on tight timeline



The Dilemma

An AmLaw 100 firm, specializing in high volume, high stakes litigation was selected to represent a Fortune 20 healthcare company facing a significant government investigation.

The litigation team at the Fortune 20 healthcare company had recently purchased a subscription for Text IQ’s privilege review software to automate the first pass privilege review process, but the law firm was skeptical. Privilege review is a time consuming and often costly process of reviewing whether documents in a matter should be covered by privilege. Even a single mistake or a missed email can prove to be consequential to the outcome of the matter.

Another reason for the law firm’s hesitancy was their negative experience with technology using search terms that often missed context. Determining privilege depends on context and relationships that go beyond the four corners of a document.

However, when confronted with the sheer volume of 700,000 documents that would otherwise need to be produced for the government investigation within a stipulated 5 week period, the firm realized it would have to revisit its assumptions about privilege review automation.

Using their traditional method of employing a large team of contract attorneys for privilege review, the firm estimated that a review of this volume would take them at least 16 weeks. The 5 week deadline imposed by the government was strict regardless of whether the privilege review was complete.

“This would’ve taken us months to review, but we only had 5 weeks. The AI made it possible.” 


Reduced Risk in Gov't Investigation

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Met Impossible Deadline


Identified Missed Attorneys


The Resolution

Text IQ delivered the review in just two and a half weeks - significantly less time than a manual review would take. And, the results turned up more attorneys than the provided list, allowing the firm to identify a significantly larger number of documents potentially under privilege based on the inclusion of the newly identified lawyers.

Text IQ’s AI found 58 attorneys that were not included in the attorney list the law firm had provided including the healthcare company’s Senior Vice President of Litigation. The SVP of litigation had been working at the company for 11 months, but the attorney list had not been updated during that time.

Text IQ identified 20 additional internal attorneys, 37 external attorneys, and 38 additional outside firms. In total, the attorneys that Text IQ uncovered accounted for over 13,000 privileged documents. Without the insight generated by Text IQ’s AI review, many of those documents may have been handed over to the government. Using Text IQ greatly reduced the risk of disclosing privileged information.

Based on the law firm’s estimates, a review of this size and scrutiny would require just over 18,000 attorney hours. With Text IQ, it took just 3,165 attorney hours. With that significant time reduction also came a huge reduction in cost. A traditional review of 700,000 thousand documents would have cost around $1M. The review with Text IQ cost less than $250,000.

The AmLaw 100 firm tried something new and achieved what they initially believed to be impossible. In addition to delivering cost savings of 75%, and a reduction of over 80% in time taken for review, Text IQ delivered better results. More importantly, the Fortune 20 client was pleased with the results and they were able to go into the government review feeling prepared and confident that they were not going to produce privileged documents.

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  • Improved Accuracy to 99.9%
  • Found 58 attorneys & 38 law firms not included as input info
  • Uncovered 13K additional privileged docs

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  • Time reduction of 14,835 attorney hours

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  • Reduced costs by over $750,000