Data Breach IQ Overview and Demo


Decision-making clarity when it counts

Automate the notification process, incorporating regulation compliance and PI detection at scale.


Automate PI identification at scale

Learn whose data and which attributes were compromised at scale with AI-powered PI identification, classification, and de-duplication.


The correct notification the first time

Avoid wasteful over-notification by sending the correct notification to the correct entity once.

See how it works

Explore how Text IQ’s AI gives you data breach assessment clarity quickly in this overview and demonstration video.

Video Highlights:

  • Integration walk-through of the Text IQ workflow into your existing data breach response process
  • Learn where Text IQ accelerates initial impact assessment
  • See how manual review steps are automated
  • Gain insight on how personal information is tied to individuals, streamlining the notification decisions

Watch a preview below

Text IQ for Privacy - Data Breach overview