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You Rush to Notify Before You Have a Chance to Assess

Pushing out a blanket notification might take the pressure off hitting notification deadlines - but over reporting can impact brand trust and invite potential litigation.

You Miss Notification Deadlines Because The Assessment Takes Too Long

Taking a methodical approach to understanding whose data is impacted might make sense - if time-consuming manual sifting through unstructured data doesn’t put notification timelines at risk.

You Struggle to Determine Which State Regs Apply

With different notification thresholds, covering different types of attributes, with different notification timelines, complying with the patchwork of state regs can be enormously complex.

You Notify the Same Person Multiple Times

The same person may have multiple ‘personas’ in a breached data set. How can you ensure that you are only notifying impacted individuals once, and not three times?

Decision-making clarity when it counts

Text IQ’s AI-driven data assessment for unstructured data doesn’t just save time. Automate the notification process across state regs with more accurate classification of more types of personal information at scale - and tie all the data elements to a specific individual.

Text IQ for Privacy - Data Breach overview

Automate PI Identification For Unstructured Data At Scale

Once you have identified a breach, the next steps rest on assessing whose data and which attributes were compromised. Text IQ replaces time consuming manual work with automated data personal Information discovery and analysis.

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Streamline Notifications Based on Data Insights

Who should we notify, and what state regulations apply to which impacted individuals? Automate notification triggers based on individuals’ residency & specific state thresholds for reporting.

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Discover Sensitive, Special Category, and Combinations Data

More data is in scope under data breach laws than before. Text IQ leverages semantic analysis and relationship mapping to identify sensitive data elements and combinations of PI that search terms miss.

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Send Out the Right Notification, Once

Multiple notifications for the same individual creates operational overhead and can damage brand trust. Text IQ links and merges multiple personas for one individual through entity normalization.

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Webinar: The Anatomy Of A Data Breach

Does your data breach response plan help you sleep at night?

Our panel of experts from US Bank, Sompo International and Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott discuss how innovation in AI  reduces cost while ensuring regulatory compliance and data security...while you keep your sanity.


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Webinar: The Next Wave of Privacy Legislation

GDPR & CCPA were just the beginning. 

Hear from experts with Citrix, Orrick and Sonos at the front line of the new privacy guidelines and regulations to know what’s coming and how you can prepare.


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Powering Data Breach Response with AI

Seyfarth has partnered with Text IQ to automate data breach—and enable the firm to better service their clients.


Data Breach IQ Overview & Demo

Explore how Data Breach IQ fits into your data breach response plan and watch a step-by-step demonstration of the product.

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Solution Brief

Learn more about how Text IQ resolves the data breach notification dilemma with more accurate PI identification!

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Am Law 50 Firm Accelerates Data Breach Response with AI

AI Automation helped this Am Law 50 firm cut assessment time by 75% with improved accuracy & clarity.

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GC's Guide to AI

AI holds promise not just for data breach assessment automation. Our GC advisory board highlights where innovation can make an impact.

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