A guide for in-house counsel:
Automate Responsive & Privilege Reviews with AI

Text IQ--Cover-eBook-Automate Responsive & Privilege Review with AI


We applied our breakthrough AI technology to responsive and privilege reviews to transform the document review process.


“Text IQ is a recognized leader in artificial intelligence with its innovative approach to creating a layer of structured data on top of risky, unstructured data, such as emails and chat messages, where privileged and sensitive personal information can easily get missed.”
-Greg Palm, former General Counsel, Goldman Sachs

This e-book provides an in-depth analysis of:

  • The challenges of responsive and privilege reviews
  • How Text IQ for Legal works
  • How document review is transformed with AI
  • How Text IQ overcame hurdles binding other, less-advanced technologies
  • Case Study: AI saved a Global 100 chemicals company from producing hundreds of privileged documents