5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your
AI Proof of Concept


Artificial intelligence is pervading nearly every industry, including the legal field. Approaching this technology for the first time can be overwhelming. You may not know how to find out if this technology is worthwhile for you and your business. At your disposal is a useful tool called a proof of concept, or pilot test. This guide offers five ways to make sure your POC is a success.


  • How to Get Started
    What you’ll need to get a POC off the ground

  • The Benefits
    What you stand to gain from a POC

  • How to Achieve Your Goals
    How to setup a POC to focus on the challenges you want to solve

  • Why the Tech Company is Your Partner 
    How to get the most value out of the POC and your technology partner




“In 2019, a study by Altman Weil found that 29% of firms are exploring their options for incorporating AI tools. While only 7.5% of firms have actually begun to use AI, 72% of respondents believe that the rate of adoption will only continue to increase.”