Managing Sensitive Data IN THE AGE OF PRIVACY 2.0
Solution Guide: Text IQ for Privacy

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Rising customer expectations, heightened regulatory activity and the surging threat of data breaches; caught at the convergence of these factors, privacy is undergoing a paradigmatic shift.

In this new era of Privacy 2.0, enterprises are left to believe that they have two choices: continue leveraging data-centric models to mine insights that further their business objectives at the cost of ignoring privacy considerations; or build a more circumspect privacy program that prioritizes the security of sensitive and personal information over customer analytics and data modelling.

But this is a false dichotomy; by leveraging Text IQ for Privacy to proactively identify, manage and categorize sensitive and personal information, enterprises do not have to make a choice between being “data-first” or “privacy-first”—they can be both.

Text IQ for Privacy is the first privacy solution built for the needs of Privacy 2.0. Download this solution guide to learn more about:

  • How Text IQ for Privacy leverages machine learning and natural language processing to help enterprises surface and redact the hard-to-identify sensitive and personal information buried in both structured and unstructured datasets.
  • How Text IQ for Privacy fills a gaping hole in your privacy workflow: the sensitive data intelligence layer that isn’t provided by incumbent data privacy solutions.
  • How it helps enterprises categorize sensitive and personal information at scale, streamline data breach notifications, automate Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and accelerate data breach assessment.