The 10 Biggest Challenges of 
Privilege Review

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Privilege review is one the most expensive, time-consuming, and risk-laden parts of litigation. What is it about privilege that causes even skilled human reviewers to struggle? Prior to Text IQ’s pioneering AI technology, the nuances of privilege review made it impossible to automate effectively. This guide covers the ten biggest challenges of privilege review and - more importantly - how to overcome them.


  • Why NOT to use predictive coding for privilege review
  • The technical challenges of privilege review
  • The nuanced legal issues of privilege review
  • Privilege log challenges




“There has to be a better way. I would be lying if I said I had not experienced an eight pass review. That is the challenge, and even the best reviewer is going to get it wrong at least part of the time.”

- Laura Kibbe, Assistant General Counsel, IQVIA