On one hand, the volume of electronically stored information is too great to thoroughly review with limited resources. On the other hand, the risk of leaking sensitive documents is unacceptable. Attorneys are left with two bad options.

you have a dilemma.

Reduce risk,
or reduce time and cost.


Text IQ is one system to reduce risk, time, and cost in discovery. To determine privileged and responsive information, Text IQ maps language and people into a Social Linguistic Hypergraph™, and we run unsupervised machine learning on top to understand meaning, roles, and relationships. Our platform, The AI Brain, automates this understanding of context at scale, using a continuous feedback loop to incorporate human input and improve its accuracy over time.

Reduce risk

Find privileged and responsive information that humans and search terms miss. Find reputation damage before it scars your enterprise.

Reduce time

Save tens of millions of dollars per year by automating the most expensive part of discovery.

Reduce cost

Meet deadlines that are humanly impossible. Text IQ for Legal is 10x faster, on average, than the status quo.

Key Capabilities


Automated privilege review

Automatically generate accurate Potentially Privileged and Non Privileged document populations. Scores rank and weigh documents by predictive confidence, and Reasons provide natural language sentences explaining why documents have been flagged, automating a draft of the Privilege Log.


Automated responsive review

Automatically generate coding for responsive documents, validated by domain-specific statistical modeling. Scores and Reasons augment your teams' workflows.


Reputation-damage Detection

Discover documents that could create a reputational disaster. If it’s memorialized in writing, we will find it.


Augmented second level review

The automated first pass review, together with Scores and Reasons, powers sophisticated, efficient, human-driven analysis in the second level review.


Personal information management

Accurately and rapidly identify, auto-redact, and auto-pseudonymize PII, PHI, and personal data under GDPR.


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