The IT Security Threats Hiding in Unstructured Data

The solution to IT security threats caused by unstructured data needs to understand a few different kinds of contexts, not just linguistic analysis. Read More

April 7, 2021

Text IQ Launches AI Solution to Identify Unconscious Bias, Boost Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Text IQ, a Top 100 AI company applying artificial intelligence (AI) to identify sensitive data, announced today the launch of its Unconscious Bias Detector, a powerful software solution that accurately and efficiently uncovers hidden bias in the employee performance review process. Read More

March 31, 2021

Humans are plagued by hidden biases. A.I. can help

There are a lot of stories about A.I. systems picking up the human biases lurking in the data used to train them. But can A.I. also help humans uncover their own unconscious biases? That’s what Apoorv Agarwal and Omar Haroun think. They are the co-founders of New York-based startup Text IQ. Read More

March 30, 2021

Text IQ Announces Banner Year of Enterprise Growth, Executive Appointments, New Products, and Strategic Partnerships

Text IQ, the leading company applying artificial intelligence (AI) to identify sensitive data, today announced strong year-over-year product adoption, revenue growth and customer retention driven by accelerating digital transformation in the enterprise. Read More

March 16, 2021

Artificial intelligence tool helps detect unconscious racial, cultural bias in the workplace

Many companies are looking closely at the diversity of their employees. Now, technology is helping them to detect unconscious racial and cultural bias by managers. Read More

March 8, 2021

AI can help Google and Amazon detect unconscious bias

A new type of artificial intelligence solution has been designed to accurately detect unconscious bias in the workplace. Read More

March 7, 2021

Law Firm Cyberattack Exposes Tens of Thousands of Patient Records

A law firm cyberattack potentially exposed the personal health information of more than 36,000 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) patients. We spoke with Apoorv Agarwal, Text IQ‘s co-founder and CEO, to find out more about the law firm cyberattack. Read More

February 17, 2021

Text IQ Named to Analytics Insight's List of Top 100 Artificial Companies in the World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword, but a crucial part of the technology landscape. AI is changing every industry and business function, which results in increased interest in its applications, subdomains and related fields. Read More

December 18, 2020

Text IQ AI Overcomes the Data Breach Assessment Bottleneck

Data Breach IQ streamlines data breach response by more quickly and accurately identifying personal information & impacted individuals in unstructured data Read More

November 19, 2020

Sheppard Mullin and Text IQ to Present on AI and Privilege Logs at Sedona Conference

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Text IQ, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform for identifying sensitive data, to present “AI Privilege Log” at The Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production on Thursday, October 29 at 10 am Pacific time. Read More

October 28, 2020

The 2020 data and AI landscape

There’s plenty going on in data infrastructure in 2020. As companies start reaping the benefits of the data/AI initiatives they started over the last few years, they want to do more. They want to process more data, faster and cheaper. They want to deploy more ML models in production. And they want to do more in real-time. Read More

October 21, 2020

ProSearch and Text IQ Partner to Bring Additional Structure to Unstructured Data and Reduce Document Review Costs by up to 50% for ProSearch Enterprise Customers

World-class artificial intelligence software of Text IQ and unique service delivery model of ProSearch will create price certainty and predictability around document review costs for enterprise customers. Read More

October 12, 2020

The Weekly Notable Startup Funding Report: 6/24/19

San Francisco-based Text IQ uses groundbreaking AI technology to protect companies from high-stakes legal and compliance disasters. Founded by Apoorv Agarwal, and Omar Haroun in 2014, Text IQ has now raised a total of $15.6M and is backed by investors that include Alchemist Accelerator, FirstMark, FLOODGATE, and Sierra Ventures. Read More

June 24, 2019

Daily funding roundup - June 19th, 2019

Text IQ uses groundbreaking AI technology to protect companies from high-stakes legal and compliance disasters. Text IQ has raised $12.6 million in Series A funding from first mark Capital and Sierra Ventures. Read More

June 19, 2019

Text IQ, a machine learning platform for parsing sensitive corporate data

Text IQ, a machine learning system that parses and understands sensitive corporate data, has raised $12.6 million in Series A funding led by FirstMark Capital, with participation from Sierra Ventures. Read More

June 12, 2019

Text IQ raises $12.6 million for AI-powered sensitive information detection

Text IQ raises $12.6 million for AI-powered sensitive information detection tool. The service helps government agencies and businesses comply with privacy legislation and laws requiring omission of personally identifiable information. Read More

June 18, 2019

Text IQ to Participate in Microsoft's New ScaleUp Program

Microsoft's exclusive ScaleUp Program names AI software company Text IQ among its short list of participants. Read More

February 15, 2018

10 AI Startups Coming for White-Collar Jobs

In the future we may all be hooked up to stationary bicycles, like hamsters on a wheel, generating electricity for the Matrix, earning credits for food and lodging while watching reality TV game shows, reruns of Black Mirror and porn. Doesn’t sound half-bad really. Read More

January 18, 2018

Text IQ Recognized as One of World's Top 5 AI Companies in Risk & Regulatory Compliance

The company was joined by WorkFusion, Socure, Onfido and Merlon Intelligence in receiving the honor Read More

December 15, 2017

A-ha! Conference unveils AI 100 list of the most promising companies in artificial intelligence technology

A-ha! Conference kicks off December 12th with our first-ever Demo Day. More than 2000 startups from around the world applied and we’ve chosen 40 of the most innovative companies to present. From artificial intelligence and machine learning, to digital health, to fintech, to robotics. Read More

December 13, 2017

How AI startup Text IQ got profitable by shaving millions off customers' legal costs

Text IQ chief executive Apoorv Agarwal says his software's job is to spot a needle in a haystack – but a costly one. Make a mistake in discovery during litigation, and a company can face sanctions of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, he says. "It's a high-stakes needle." Read More

February 1, 2017