Oh $h*t!
Stop turning over sensitive documents

Successful POCs:

Home Depot
Cesars Entertainment

Oh $h*t moments

You are missing thousands of privileged documents

The POC allowed us to develop a more consistent process instead of having the same document reviewed multiple times and tagged inconsistently.

General Counsel, Fortune 200 Chemicals Co.

You discover inconsistencies at the 11th hour

“We found that the same document was reviewed for privacy and marked inconsistently 18 times.”

Litigation Counsel, F200 Technology

You’re about
miss the deadline

(even with an army of reviewers)

“2 million documents for privilege and PII were done in 2 weeks instead of the 20+ weeks it took our teams of contract reviewers.”

Head of e-Discovery, F500 Healthcare

Why do a POC?

You've been shackled by search terms for too long. It's time to demand better.
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See what your AI effect is

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Take control of your doc review

Minimize Oh $h*t moments and demand more out of your document review.
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Now watch us prove it!

Our POC puts accuracy to the test! We provide you with examples of PI, privileged information, lawyers, law firms, and confidential information that is missed by your current process.

Auto Redactions
50K Files in 1 Week

Immediate ROI

Providing tools and info on your current doc review process and the AI possibilities with Text IQ, our side-by-side ROI analysis from your POC includes your results, industry benchmarks, and an annualized view of the difference AI can make.

We'll do the work, so you can relax

Our POC can be pretty hands-off and easy. We know your schedule is packed, so we’ll do the work for you, and you look like a champ.

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We don’t even break a sweat

How fast is automating document review with AI? Really fast. During a POC, your doc review process will eat our AI’s dust. By limiting the number of documents needing further review, you’ll be done with your review in no time.

Stay ahead by testing innovation

Board members are asking about it. Industry peers are already using it. Customers expect it. Test out the AI waters with a low-commitment POC.


On-Demand Webinar

Prove It! - What It Takes For A Successful AI POC

This panel brings together the AI POC "Dream Team" (comprised of enterprise, law, and technology experts), to talk through the tactical steps of introducing AI to your enterprise.


Briordy Meyers

Briordy Meyers


Boehringer Ingelheim,
Director, Senior Counsel e-Discovery
Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson


Sidley Austin LLP, Counsel,
Data Analytics & Discovery
James Calvert

James Calvert


Troutman Pepper eMerge,
Discovery Counsel

Is an AI POC right for your organization?

If trying to limit expenses, mistakes, and wasted time are major focuses for your organization, then an AI POC is a step in the right direction.



The process

Our step-by-step guide provides tips and tools to make an AI POC easy and informative!

5 Ways Guide

AI in action

Hear how one company was able to use their AI POC to automate their entire document review, saving millions in the process.

CS - POC Gains Buy-In For AI Investment

Don't miss a step

This 1 page POC checklist is a handy reference as you plan your upcoming POC.

POC Checklist


Take control of your doc review

Minimize Oh $h*t moments and demand more out of your document review.
Sign up now and a Text IQ specialist will follow up with more info. 

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