Embrace data protection in the digital economy

The digital bargain—the exchange of privacy in return for free services—has broken down. Consumer expectations have changed, and regulations like GDPR and CCPA are pitting business models against new privacy rights: the right to know what information is being stored, the right to access it, and the right to control it. Your existing data processes are breaking under the pressure, and your business is left to hang in the balance.

you have a dilemma.

Focus on privacy,
or focus on the business.


Text IQ for Privacy achieves data privacy compliance with one strategy to reduce risk, time, and cost. Confidently retrieve any instance of personal information from your structured and unstructured data, paired with meaningful business context. Then, incorporate insights back into The AI Brain for human-driven analysis, and thoughtful action at scale.

Reduce risk

Improve recall by up to 45%. Reduce the risk of exposing missed PI, along with reducing the risk associated with human error.

Reduce time

Review up to 80% fewer documents. Spend less time and manual effort to validate that all PI has been identified.

Reduce cost

Scale your privacy processes and reduce the number of false hits for reviewers to consider.

Key Capabilities


The Human Index™

Ask a question you couldn’t ask before: “What is everything I know about this individual?” Compile and consolidate every instance of personal information, organized by the individual in correlation.


Data auto-classification

Automatically tag data according to any categorization scheme unique to your enterprise. In accordance with this auto-classification, apply policies—including policies for data access, retention, and security.


Data subject request Automation

Discover personal information across disparate data sources, identify the individuals in question, and act strategically at scale.


Misdirected PI prevention

Analyze emails as they are sent, trigger real-time alerts to prevent accidental disclosures of personal information, and maintain a complete log of events.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Easily review and train machine learning models using our intuitive annotation interface to improve accuracy, and reuse this learning across datasets.


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