About The Inevitable

We're bringing together a crowd that does not ordinarily mix: AI researchers from top universities, together with business leaders across Privacy, Compliance, Legal, and Risk. This invite-only event includes substantive panel discussions, networking, and a dinner.


HIghlights from the inevitable 2019 Event


  • Demystifying AI: What AI actually means and does today
  • Enterprise Infrastructure: Privacy by Design in Enterprise IT
  • Privacy Today: Defining Privacy Post-GDPR and Pre-CCPA
  • Data Subject Request Management
  • Data Retention and Governance
  • Data Breach Response
  • Transparent AI: Balancing AI Ethics and Bias

2019 Event Schedule

  • 8AM - 5PM Panels, discussions and networking
  • 6PM - 9PM Executive dinner

2019 Speakers

Greg Anderson-285x285.001

Greg Anderson

Harvey Ashman-285x285.001

Harvey Ashman

Orrie Dinstein

Orrie Dinstein

Deb Dixson-285x285

Deborah Dixson

Richard Fieman-285x285

Richard Fieman

Elise Houlik-285x285

Elise Houlik

Heng Ji.001

Heng Ji

Laura Kibbe-285x285.001

Laura Kibbe

Kevin Knight-285x285

Dr. Kevin Knight

Ann LaFrance-285x285.001

Ann LaFrance

Peter Lefkowitz-285x285

Peter Lefkowitz

Adam McAnaney-285x285.001

Adam McAnaney


Randal Milch

Tim Nagle-285x285.001

Tim Nagle

Greg Palm-285x285

Greg Palm