Prove It – What It Takes
For A Successful AI POC




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If you’ve ever uttered “there must be a better way” when conducting a document review. If you want to evaluate AI on data that actually matters, but you're unsure where to begin. If you know updating your technology will make a huge difference, but your plate is full of other priorities than an AI evaluation.

Then a POC is right for you.

An AI POC cuts to the chase by providing concrete results proving how AI can transform your document review process - even the nuanced privilege and PII reviews. This panel will bring together the AI POC “Dream Team” (the enterprise leader, trusted service provider, law firm, and technology), to talk through tactical steps and considerations for introducing AI to an enterprise.

What we covered:

  • Understanding your current review cost structure
  • Determining success criteria and evaluating ROI
  • Integrating with existing workflow
  • Getting the right people on board (internal and external)
  • Choosing the right matter and other key success factors
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls

Who should attend:

  • In-house Litigation Counsel
  • In-house Heads of eDiscovery
  • Law Firm Litigators
  • Law Firm Litigation Support
  • Trusted Legal Service Providers

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