Speaker Kady Von SchoelerSpeaker 4 Rachelle Toletti
Speaker 3 Richard

When your budget isn’t increasing, but your data volume is. Is AI the solution?

The explosion of data within an enterprise has led to an increased focus on data management. Data management problems that may have started as a ripple within ediscovery have grown into a tidal wave of a much larger enterprise issue.

Attempts to reign in these vast amounts of enterprise data have led to new use-cases of eDiscovery technology in other parts of the enterprise. And, while ediscovery looks different within all of the F500 firms, it has flowed outside of its traditional bounds in the legal department, into almost every part of the organization. Our expert panelists share how they’ve led the expansion of eDiscovery technology past its traditional bounds of the legal department to manage data at the enterprise level.

What we covered:

  • The expansion of the eDiscovery leader role

  • Pros & cons of the various versions of eDiscovery across the Fortune 500

  • eDiscovery and data management - should similar problems lead to the same solution?

  • How AI is utilized in ediscovery and data management

  • Tactical issues of defensibility, security, and the process

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