5 Key Takeaways | 15 Minutes
Driving Innovation with Privacy & Security




Speaker 1 Ruby Zefo


We’re riding shotgun with the CPO of Uber, Ruby Zefo, on a quick 15-minute journey to discuss the pushing innovation of privacy and security at Uber and other organizations.

We’re putting the pedal to the metal in this quickfire, executive discussion to learn how Ruby utilizes forward-thinking methods to protect and secure enterprise data as well as the data that users entrust Uber with.

Ruby has noted that innovation in privacy and security should not be considered a fork in the road for companies, but, instead, a “dynamic duo.” Privacy and security have the ability to act as a navigator for innovation rather than inhibiting it.

Ruby Zefo’s career has gone from litigating patent and trademark infringement at Sun Microsystems to VP and AGC of Intel’s Law and Policy Group, to now, “leading the global data privacy and security compliance program to infinity and beyond,” at Uber.

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