Privacy 2.0: Can Companies Be 
Both Data-first & Privacy-first?




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Now more than ever, privacy is becoming a top priority for enterprises across the globe. There are four factors that are turning privacy into a critical consideration for every major business decision: Rising customer expectations, stricter regulatory regimes, the persistent threat of data breaches, and lastly, the compounding factor for these three challenges - the proliferation of enterprise data that leads to a wider attack surface. 

In this new era of privacy, dubbed Privacy 2.0, any weaknesses in an enterprise privacy program will result not only in reputational damage, regulatory penalties but also in the loss of business. 

In this new climate, can enterprises continue leveraging data-centric models to mine insights for customer analytics and data modeling? Or will privacy, i.e. the security of sensitive and personal information, take precedence over all other considerations?

Join us for an hour-long session, which will address the following questions:

1. Can enterprises be both privacy-first and data-first at the same time?

2. How can they elevate their privacy programs to meet the challenges of Privacy 2.0?

3. Can enterprises proactively identify and secure sensitive and personal information (PI) to limit the loss of sensitive data during exogenous events like data breaches? How?

4. How can enterprises organize sensitive and personal information buried in unstructured data sets in a scalable way?  

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