Trust, But Verify: Validations for Optimizing Workflows
with Next-Gen AI For Privilege & PII




Speaker 1 Bobby MalhotraSpeaker 2 Josh KreamerSpeaker 3 Judge Andrew Peck



The pressure on law firms and corporate legal departments to deliver critical information faster and more cost-effectively isn’t new. What is new is that a quality, proven, technology option now exists to help achieve optimization in litigation workflows, as well as meet and exceed demands on time and budgets. Oh, and it’s already in use at leading Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 100 firms. 

Sounds almost too good to be true, and we’re taught not to accept everything at face value. So how should you verify that your results are valid and actually improved? 

Additionally, how should you incorporate AI-powered software into your litigation workflows, especially the nuanced privilege review, privilege logging, and PII identification, to optimize them? 

In this virtual discussion, our expert panel will offer perspectives from corporate legal departments, law firms, and the courts. They’ll cover topics from how AI integrates into existing workflows to tips on how to validate its results.

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