Laura Kibbe on why AI is a game changer for speed and accuracy in litigation


The status quo of privilege review is comfortable, but may be doing you a disservice.

AGC at IQVIA, Laura Kibbe, talks about what a game changer AI is for the company’s litigation. The difference it makes to your bottom line, efficiency, and accuracy - it’s a game changer!

Filmed August 13, 2020.

Building AI for
Sensitive Information

Text IQ leverages the latest in unsupervised machine learning, graphical modeling, and deep learning to uncover sensitive information hidden in enterprise data.

Text IQ for Privacy

Text IQ for

Automate DSARs and data breach responses by retrieving, consolidating, and correlating personal information.

Text IQ for Legal

Text IQ for

Automate document review and find privileged, responsive, and reputation- damaging information.

Text IQ for Compliance

Text IQ for

Discover hidden patterns that evince misconduct: like corporate theft, fraud, and sexual harassment.

See Our AI in Action

Text IQ builds applications for identifying sensitive information.
These run on a platform, The AI Brain, that understands risk, and uses a continuous feedback loop to improve over time. Today, we parse human communications. Tomorrow, we’re taking on the great unsolved problem in AI — parsing any unstructured data there is.

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