Thinks Like a Human, Works Like a Machine:
How Text IQ Works

How Text IQ Combines Continuous Learning, Social Graphs and Contextual
Understanding to Identify Sensitive Information at Scale

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Identifying sensitive information by parsing through structured data is relatively easy. But what of sensitive information that’s lurking in millions of emails, chat logs, meeting notes and other types of unstructured data? Industry analysts estimate that unstructured data makes up more than 80 percent of enterprise data and that it’s growing at a rate of up to 65 percent per year.

Given its obvious risks, it’s imperative for organizations to catch sensitive information that may be buried in vast pools of unstructured data. But doing it with accuracy, speed and completeness has proven to be an intractable challenge.

But where legacy search and classification systems, and AI solutions premised on “supervised learning” fail, Text IQ goes above and beyond, enabling enterprises to identify and categorize sensitive information in both structured and unstructured datasets with accuracy, speed and comprehensiveness.




Download this whitepaper to learn more about how Text IQ uses a combination of AI technologies, including unsupervised machine learning and its proprietary social-linguistic hypergraph, to identify sensitive information at scale.